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linfen, ‘the most toxic place on earth’ - six videos

Part one - 5:13 minutes

“Breathing the air is equivalent to three packs of cigarettes a day”, but it is still far better than London air sixty years ago, during the Great Smog. There are still buildings whose facades are being cleaned sixty years later. The River Thames was dead. 1858 saw the "Great Stink," when the stench [including] raw sewage got so bad [that] Parliament, which meets in a riverside building, had to be dissolved.” Croydon, a charcoal producing area, was so filthy in the 19th century that putting washing out to dry ended with it being more filthy than before it was washed.

Part two- 4:23 minutes, part three - 5:37 minutes,
part four - 5:08 minutes, part five - 4:15 minutes,
part six - x minutes

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