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a way to cut homicides?

The following is a comment made by “Benny King (Ex Pat), Minneapolis, Minnesota” to an article about the variations in crime rate statistics in the UK. The data used has been derived from the results of the Seventh United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (1998 - 2000).

“While it has been noted that a 5.56 per 100,000 homicide rate in the USA is exceedingly high it should be noted that that rate is down from 5.64 in 2001 and that the US is in 6th place, far behind the world leaders South Africa with 50.14 and Russia with 21.40. Also, it is disingenuous to split Scotland from England and Wales, lowering Englandís place on the table to 22nd and leaving Scotland at 16th. The problem is the UKís murder rate is going the wrong way, upward instead of downward. It should be noted that in 36 of the 50 states any law abiding citizen can apply for and receive a permit to carry a gun in public. Statistics show that every state that enacts such a law sees a decrease in violent crime. Over and above that there are a few cities that have enacted laws requiring households to own a gun and these cities have seen dramatic falls (more than 90%) in violent crime and so far the streets are not flowing with blood, it seems that the crooks donít want to risk being hurt.”

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