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obama’s keynesian stimulus has failed

US unemployment rate, 2007-2014. Image: Karl Rove
US unemployment rate, 2007-2014. Image: Karl Rove

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understanding economic multipliers [10 Oct. 2009]
‘stimulus spending’, a recipe by fools and crooks - you’re being conned!


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the guardian, the british agitprop corp and a gay girl in syria

Once again the blogosphere is taking apart the leftist fossil media. As is said, you just cannot trust the blogosphere.

“Both the Guardian and the BBC’s Newsnight have lashed out at McMasters, insinuating that he is some kind of pervert. Could that be because they are bitter that they were taken in? (For a comprehensive cataloguing of the Guardian’s risible “authentication” of the Gay Girl see the Les Politiques blog.)”

“UPDATE: According to the excellent Biased BBC blog “MacMasters studies at St Andrews University where his wife works in their Centre for Syrian Studies, as an Associate Fellow, partially funded to the tune of £105,000…” Saif Gaddafi was donating to LSE to study good governance before he started shelling his own citizenry, St Andrews studies the Syrian dictatorship with sponsorship from the regime? What the hell is going on?” [Quoted from order-order.com]

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“The Guardian journalist in Damascus, Katherine Marsh, a pseudonym and no longer writing for The Guardian from Damascus, describes Gay Girl as an 'unlikely heroine of the Syrian revolt' without ever having a shred of evidence about her existence.” [Quoted from lespolitiques.blogspot.com]

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“But you won't here any of this from the BBC...just that he was using his 'deception' to get across the truth that otherwise would be overlooked....the BBC does not look into his 'truth' and examine either his own history and views nor his intentions...nor indeed those of his wife, Britta Froelicher, who promotes the idea of a one nation state...that is, no more Israeli state, merely a state within which Jews live (in peace and harmony) with Palestinians.” [Quoted from biased-bbc.blogspot.com]

Froelicher is the alleged wife of the gay girl from Syria.


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some results of fascist ‘new’ labour’s stupidity

  • the clown, balls and red ed’s profligacy and lies exposed by cascade of new leaks

    “The document is among 19 papers disclosed today by The Daily Telegraph that were obtained from the personal files of Mr Balls, the shadow Chancellor. They follow the divulgence yesterday of dozens of documents detailing Mr Balls's central role in a plot to topple Tony Blair.”

    “A confidential document presented to the Cabinet in January 2006 asks: "We've spent all this money, but what have we got for it?"

    “It warns that the efficiency of the public sector needed to improve rapidly and insisted that "spending growth will slow". The document drafted by civil servants also says that "ineffective spending" must be "closed down".

    “However, Gordon Brown discarded the advice and embarked on a £90 billion increase in spending when he became prime minister.”

  • the expansion in 10 years of 'going on the sick' under fascist ‘new’ labour

    Or, how to con extra dole money..

    “Claiming for "attention deficit disorder has soared from 700 to nearly 40,000"

    “They include claims for allergies, which have risen by 200 per cent, drug and alcohol abuse, an increase of 250 per cent, and “unspecified back pain,” where the numbers have increased by 80 per cent.

    “Cases of “psychoneurosis,” which is classified as severe depression or anxiety, rose from 81,300 in 2000 to 188,900 a decade later.

    “By the far the biggest increase has been in the numbers reporting themselves as ineligible to work and in need of benefits owning to “hyperkinetic syndrome”.”


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the mad american ‘drug war’ rolls ever onward - don’t confuse us with the facts

“The leading international figures behind the report do not pull theirpunches. They say sensible regulation of drugs is working in somecountries but they accuse many governments around the world ofpretending that the current war on drugs is effective when they knowit isn't.

But, of course, the Obama administration block their ears.

“The office of White House drug tsar Gil Kerlikowske rejected the panel's recommendations.”

Report downloadable from this link.

“Act urgently: the war on drugs has failed, and policies need to change now.

“There are signs of inertia in the drug policy debate in some parts of the world, as policymakers understand that current policies and strategies are failing but do not know what to do instead. There is atemptation to avoid the issue. This is an abdication of policy responsibility – for every year we continue with the current approach, billions of dollars are wasted on ineffective programs, millions of citizens are sent to prison unnecessarily, millions more suffer from the drug dependence of loved ones who cannot access health and social care services, and hundreds of thousands of people die from preventable overdoses and diseases contracted through unsafe drug use.

“There are other approaches that have been proven to tackle these problems that countries can pursue now. Getting drug policy right is not a matter for theoretical or intellectual debate – it is one of the key policy challenges of our time.”

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Meanwhile California is going bankrupt.

“MORE than 30,000 prisoners could be freed from California's jails after the US Supreme Court ruled that overcrowding levels were inhumane.

“In a 5-4 majority decision, the court yesterday gave California two years to reduce its jail population by 23 per cent.

“Speaking for the majority, judge Anthony Kennedy, a California native, said the care provided to 143,000 prisoners by the largest US state fell below the standard of decency under the eighth amendment of the US constitution, which bans cruel and unusual punishment.

“Justice Kennedy related terrible stories of suicidal prisoners kept in "telephone booth-sized cages without toilets" and others with cancer, or severe pain, dying before they were allowed to see a doctor.

“Among "appalling" conditions, he described how 200 prisoners were forced to live in a gymnasium and up to 54 inmates shared a single toilet." [Quoted from theaustralian.com.au]

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“The Supreme Court has ruled that California must release 46,000 prisoners due to overpopulation. In looking for solutions to the problem, California, a state that is on the verge of bankruptcy, hasthe option of building more prisons, sending the prisoners to theindividual counties they came from which cannot afford to hold them, or releasing them into the public.

“Using logic it would seem that the prudent thing to do would be to release 46,000 inmates who are in prison for victimless crimes as they would not be a threat to the public. So is this what they are going to do? Not a chance. They will release rapists and murderers for the purpose of coercing the people to vote in more taxes for more prisons.

“On a FOX Business interview, John McGinness, a former Sacramento Sheriff and talk radio host, said with a smirk on his face, in essence that violence was going to be unleashed on the people of California if they refused to pay more taxes for more prisons, suggesting that the majority of those in our prisons are there for violent crimes, which is an out and out lie.

“The United States has more people incarcerated than any other country on the planet, including communist China. Most of the people in prison are there as a result of the phony $40 billion a year drug war and the three strikes law. Under the three strikes law any citizen convicted of three felonies is sentenced to life in prison. There are American citizens in our prisons doing life for three bad checks, three convictions for drug possession, and other non-violent crimes.” [Quoted from fromthetrenchesworldreport.com]

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Drugs, smoking and addiction


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more jobs, less energy - an inspiring vision

“As the first big industrialized nation, we can achieve such a transformation toward efficient and renewable energies, with all the opportunities that brings for exports, developing new technologies and jobs,” Merkel told reporters

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“It may only be two weeks since Germany’s Chancellor Merkel announced that her government would help bring 1 million plug-in vehicles to the roads of Germany by 2020 but her bold goal is already being dismissed as impossible by the very automakers her Government is planning to help.” [Quoted from allcarselectric.com]

Forward to the 19th century. Of course, we could try farming and civil engineering with cutlery and produce even more jobs.


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