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politics uk labour and liberals and eugenics - the clown and bliar and miliband are fabians
29 November
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politics eu spanish national accounts
27 November
politics uk what chance the alternative vote?
26 November
politics usa beck says sniffer dogs are more effective than scanners and pat-downs - muslim has pony guide-‘dog’
17 November
politics usa monomaniac paul vs intellectual bernanke - will it run?
16 November
politics uk how the socialists spent your tax: academia
11 November
politics uk cameron - accountability and transparency: the reversal of top down socialism
9 November
politics uk the end justifies the means - another marxist is mugged by socialist reality
8 November
politics usa marxist obama castrated - stock market rises 2% in a day
4 November
politics /  economics  on pensions
3 November
civil liberties government interference in net freedom of speech
29 November
science and technology dexterous prosthetics
27 November
science and technology can the broken brain be re-wired?
17 November
science and technology robonaut to go to space
2 November
behaviour and intelligence benefits help change the population selectively
26 November
behaviour and intelligence on the efficacy of ‘therapy’
23 November
behaviour and intelligence birbalsingh on the socialist religion’s corruption of children
3 November
fun in the land of entrepreneurs, darwin triumphs again
25 November
fun deep discussion of the future of the race
19 November
fun  indian swing-time and jazz
8 November
economics the dodgy, tottering euro - how international inter-bank loans work
19 November
economics any remaining power of the eussr central bank is based entirely on bluff
17 November
economics the death throws of the eussr euro?
16 November
economics fossil media bleating again - missing the fundamentals of economics in the real world
9 November
economics interesting that redwood doesn’t get to the heart of the problems with central banking
2 November
short briefings documents / france new translation! systèmes de classification de l'homme, en utilisant l'exemple de la classification des « organismes vivants » (taxonomie), translated by xavier [human classification systems, using the example of classification of 'living organisms' (taxonomy)] 15 November
logic and communication / france new translation! pourquoi la logique aristotélicienne (descartienne) ne fonctionne pas translated by xavier
[why Aristotelian logic does not work - in French]
10 November
ecology food pressure - chocolate is a canary
13 November
business and markets it takes moron 10 years to build a new nuclear power station - if you let the government get involved
6 November

Who is Barak Obama?

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