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i’ve only just realised!
“it’s not your fault” is another attempt at infantilisation

“It’s not your fault” translates to “it’s not your responsibility”.

That is, “you don’t control your own actions”.

“We wish to control you,” - this transslates to ‘protect’ in the dishonest newspeak of ‘social’ ‘workers’.

This control, or so-called ‘protection’, socialist governments then translate into ‘laws’ designed to restrict freedoms, one notch at a time.

From a correspondent:
What is commonly called ‘science’ is making considerable efforts to crowd out personal responsibility by validating “it’s not your fault”.

This is not genuine science.

What does ‘fault’ mean?
Who judges fault? The person committing the act, or some faker telling the person who committed the act that it is not ‘their fault' ?

Reading minds is not feasible. Whether acts are chosen or otherwise is a point of view. It isn't factual or available to useful empiric examination.

Any so-called ‘therapist’ who tells a supplicant that an act is ‘not their fault’ is involved in gross intrusion and rank dishonesty/fraud.

Such behaviour labels a person as a victim instead of an independent/autonomous person.
Such behaviour is an attempt to dominate, to own, to control.

I regard that as a serious moral/ethical crime/sin.

It is a con game dressed up as ‘science’.

Such behaviour is psycholgical abuse and bullying disguised as ‘caring’.

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imagine there’s no countries - the confusions of socialism

Glory knows how many times they played John Lennon’s confused, whining dirge at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.

How come this is an anthem for a festival of excellence and competition!?

Imagine theres no Olympics
it isnt hard to do
nothing to strive or care for
and no ethics too
imagine all the people living life in a sheep pen.....

You, you may say Im a fool,
but Im not the only one
I hope some day youll join us
and the world will be an ant hill...

Imagine theres no standards
its easy if you try
no reality below us
above us empty sky
imagine all the people living for today...


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think of the children - when a committee of jobsworths turn their hands to 'art'

The Skegness Jolly Fisherman

"The Jolly Fisherman first appeared on a 1908 railway poster advertising the coastal resort of Skegness. Traditionally depicted as skipping with extended arms, the county council proposed a figure with arms down for health and safety reasons."

The Skegness 1908 Jolly Fisherman poster
The Skegness Jolly Fisherman poster

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cav wins again with a wiggins lead out!

The final stage of the 2012 Tour de France has been won by Mark Cavendish for the fourth time running, led out by the Yellow Jersey holder, Bradley Wiggins.
Bradley Wiggins is the first Briton (Englishman) to win the most prestigious endurance race in the world.

This is the best thing to happen to UK cycling since Reg Harris won the world sprint championship three or four times.

I’m glad to see the pressure to revive Herne Hill is also being renewed.

The Herne Hill Velodrome is all that remains from the last time the UK held the Olympics, when Reg came second!

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interesting social history - william talman (hamilton burger)

Other celebrity anti-smoking pitchmen included John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and Steve McQueen (all of whom died of cancer).

“You know,” he continued, “I didn’t really mind losing those courtroom battles, but I’m in a battle now I don’t want to lose at all. Because if I lose it, it means losing my wife and those kids you just met.” The camera then moved in on Talman’s anguished face. “I’ve got lung cancer,” he said. “So take some advice about smoking and losing from someone who has been doing both for years. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do smoke, quit!” With that Talman gave a quick wink and said, “Don’t be a loser.”

[Hamilton Burger was the district attorney who opposes Perry Mason in the court room scenes in the long-running television series. The exception was during a short period in 1960 when the actor William Talman was found at a nude party with several others who were suspected of smoking marijuana. Talman was fired following a morals charge. This charge, as well as the charges against the other party goers, were later dismissed. Talman was rehired as Hamilton Burger.]

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now we’re rid of the bliar gang we can get back to educating

About time...

“Ministers will this week announce key tasks pupils are expected to master at each age under wide-ranging plans to counter more than a decade of dumbing down in schools. A draft mathematics curriculum suggests that five and six year-olds will be expected to count up to 100, recognise basic fractions and memorise the results of simple sums by the end of the first year of compulsory education. In the second year, they will be required to know the two, five and 10 times tables, add and subtract two-digit numbers in their head and begin to use graphs.”

Now let’s hope they learn to teach the maths properly, instead of returning to parrot memorising taught by innumerates.

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why did you riot?

“...hilarious ‘study’ the LSE produced in conjunction with, natch, the Guardian about last summer’s riots. This consisted of asking rioters why they rioted and taking the answers at face value in a dynamic new sociological approach called Utter Naivety. Oddly enough, none of the rioters said: ‘We rioted because we’re greedy, feral, badly brought-up, fairly stupid and criminally inclined.’ ...”

Is this for real? what does it say about a fellow who’d send a child to such a ‘school’ as rhe following?

“At my daughter’s school last year, the 50m sprint took the following form: all the kids lined up and ran as fast as they could to the halfway point. Then they waited for the fatties to catch up and, holding hands, all walked or trotted to the finish line, where everyone received an identical token.”

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