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New translation, the Magna Carta


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spiritual ancestor of paisley + pope zosimus - hate speech, early 1830s and 417

"...Pelagianism, which, a few months before, he had dubbed Catholicism, now, by a hasty process, became, in the language of Zozimus, impiety, poison, abomination,error, perversity, execration, pestilence, and heresy. Unsatisfied with these imprecations, he proceeded, in the fervour of his zeal for orthodoxy, to publish through Christendom circular letters, denouncing anathemas on the Pelagian impiety.

"His holiness, to do him justice, showed himself, on this occasion, a profound adept in the Christian art of cursing. He formed his anathemas with skill, pointed them with precision, and launched them with energy. His infallibility, probably from the proficiency which he displayed in the evangelical duty of cursing, and for his attachment to injustice and ambition during his life, was canonized after his death. He lived a tyrant and died a saint, or rather, by a lucky hit or Baronian blunder, acquired the saintified character after his decease. His carcase affords materials for worship : and indeed, with all his imperfections, which were many, Zozimus is not the worst article of the kind, which has graced the Roman calendar and challenged Roman adoration."
[Quoted from The variations of popery by Samuel Edgar.]

Pope Zosimus reigned for about a year in 417/8.

Pelagianism is, loosely, the belief that you do not need god's grace to perform good works. Most Proddy heretics are regarded by Rome as Pelagians☺.

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at last, schooling starts a move in the correct direction

"Working with schools and families, it provides the personalised and knowledgeable care vulnerable children need

"But the wider problem is that this sort of care is not universally" available. Research suggests only a third of young people with mental" health problems actually gets help."

Here, parents sit with children and learn better management skills, but this is not nearly enough. These skills and methods should be available to all 'families'.

Isolating schools from the community is very bad pedagogic practice.

The Family School is a very small and new project, and some of the semantics look suspiciously like blob-speak.

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living in the real world - nothing is ever the same

No person has ever heard the same word in the same space/time position as another person.

Each person has built up their own responses to language in such contexts. Thus each person develops an individual 'map' of the world that shared by no other person.

Each person brings that different map to every new experience they have.

They interpret the new experiences through their previous differently built map.

Therefore, it is impossible that any person can ever have the 'same' interpretation of any word .

In fact, the concept of 'same' is a widespread delusion of humans ('same' and 'equals' are irrational human constructs. Their best possible meaning is
"These two separate objects/ happenings are similar enough that I don't care about the real differences";
"I'm too crude to be able to detect those differences."

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comparing fertility rates and populations in europe and beyond

This article is now a stand-alone briefings document.

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cutting schools free from the government cartel blob is paying off

"School reform can now be seen as the greatest achievement of the Labour years, even if the Conservatives are the only ones who believe in it."

"Yet vindication of Blair’s reform has come at a time when Labour has lost interest in helping pupils in this way. Its likely next leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has pledged to end what he calls a “failed experiment”. Only the most ideologically blinkered could persuade themselves that reform has failed. The city that has undergone the most reform, London, emerged yesterday with the strongest GCSE results in England. The school chains based in the capital who first started worked with Blair – Harris Federation and ARK – have yet again published amazing exam scores. Council-run schools have also raised their game; competition and choice are working."

"Colchester County, Dover Grammar, Liverpool College, Reading School, Wolverhampton Girls – they’re not as famous as Eton, yet they all outperform it in the A-Level league tables."

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