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michael gove following abelard’s education programme?

“Its corridors and classrooms are permeated by an atmosphere of calm study and scholarly reflection, its students are attentive and engaged. And this year 91% of its students secured five good GCSEs including English and Maths. A record which puts it above scores of independent schools and other selective establishments.”

From my site, 23rd October 1999

1) Best teaching practices would, from my experience, have approximately 90% of 16 year olds through 4 ‘A’ grade GCSEs at 16 years of age (currently this standard is achieved by 13.2% of 16 year olds). Best teaching practices would also probably enable at least 15% of students through a first-class science degree at 21 (at present only 5% achieve any manner of science degree). I do not include present psychology and sociology courses as science. I do include engineering.

There is, of course, no need or reason to stop learning at these arbitrary ages. These figures may well prove to be underestimates as we learn more. Society would look entirely different if such practice were widespread.

Marker at abelard.org

Ed Balls, Stephen Twigg and Ed Miliband – Oxford PPEists all – have been united in opposition to the EBacc.

Even though it has exposed inequality in our society much more starkly than any Gini coefficient calculation could.

At the moment just 16% of students in the state sector secure the EBacc. Only 23% are even entered for it. More than three-quarters of state school students have been denied access to the qualifications which will empower them to choose their own path.

But for Labour that’s not only no cause for concern – it’s a truth which should be suppressed.

The current leadership of the Labour Party react to the idea that working class students might study the subjects they studied with the same horror that the Earl of Grantham showed when a chauffeur wanted to marry his daughter.

Labour, under their current leadership, want to be the Downton Abbey party when it comes to educational opportunity. They think working class children should stick to the station in life they were born into – they should be happy to be recognised for being good with their hands and not presume to get above themselves.

I’ll give Michael Gove 85-90%, because he is rather too convinced that there can be a satisfactory education based solely on mass production.

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inter-species help and co-operation video


8:32 mins

“The divers were observing manta rays feeding on plankton when a bottlenose dophin swam by and turned his body so that the divers could see that he'd become tangled in fishing wire.

“ "It was just very unusual. It's never happened before. The dolphin came in to ask for help"....

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interview with a socialist voter

4:50 mins

“They offered me a job that started at 8 o’clock, I turned it down because it’s too early.” [paraphrased]

Now is this a misunderstood striver who cannot find suitable work, or is he a shirker?

[Lead from orderorder.com]

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scotch murder rate higher than 10 usa states

Coparing 2011  murder rates in the USA and Britain
Comparing 2011 murder rates in the USA and Britain

“As the graph shows, there are four US states with a lower murder rate than England & Wales, namely Hawaii, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, and an additional six which are lower than Scotland, those being Minnesota, Iowa, Utah, Maine, Oregon and Idaho, with Wisconsin, Washington and South Dakota not far behind.”

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education - connecticut murderer

Warning, it’s from the fossil media.

“..said to be addicted to violent video games..”

Video games are used to desensitise soldiers to shooting humans and to teach them efficient shooting.

“The mother of Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza who slaughtered 20 US schoolchildren and seven adults was a gun-hoarding survivalist who was stockpiling weapons in preparation for an economic collapse, it has emerged.” [Quoted from belfasttelegraph.co.uk, and similarly for the first quote]

Teaching an impressionable youth to be paranoid

“Newly public divorce paperwork shows that the mother of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza had the authority to make all decisions regarding his upbringing.” [Quoted from usatoday.com]

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Marker at abelard.org

Teach your batty child to shoot straight

Remember, this also is from the fossil media!

“Nancy Lanza divorced Adam’s father, Peter, in 2008. Peter Lanza, now a vice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services, agreed to annual alimony payments that started at $240,000 and would have reached $298,800 in 2015.”

“Mother Nancy Lanza often took her kids target shooting, landscaper Dan Holmes said. 'That was a passion,' he said. 'The whole family would go together.' Her 20-year-old son Adam killed her with one of her own guns” [Quoted from nydailynews.com]

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