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caring for dementia 'patients' - wear red, use orange plates!black deathon new toxic e. coli centred in hamburg
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caring for dementia ‘patients’ - wear red, use orange plates!

[When caring for the dementia-affected], we should all wear red uniforms and give our patients their food on orange plates ! Simple simple stuff.

Apparently in dementia certain colour spectrums are seen easier so the blue nurses wear is not visible ! White plates patients can not see but yellow orange and red increase individual dietary and fluid input by twenty five percent ! How simple is that and food needs to be bright too.

[It’s not that oldies lose the blue-violet cone receptors in their eyes first], it's more that certain dementia affects the occipital lobe, the eyes themselves still work fine. [From a working nurse]

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“As well as the general problems of ageing, Alzheimer's patients can also suffer from visual disturbances caused by the brain rather than the visual system. That is, their problem can be having difficulty perceiving what they see rather than how sharply they see it. Problems most commonly occur in four areas -- motion, depth, colour and contrast.”

“Colour perception diminishes with age, and for people with Alzheimer's, there seems to be even greater deficits in the ability to see colours in the blue-violet range.” [Quoted from]


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black death

“Sloane believes there was little difference in mortality rates between rich and poor, because they lived so closely packed together. The plague, he is convinced, spread from person to person in the crowded city.

“Mortality continued to rise throughout the bitterly cold winter, when fleas could not have survived, and there is no evidence of enough rats.”

Black death in London by Barnie Sloan
Black death in London by Barnie Sloan

The History Press Ltd, pbk, 2005
ISBN-10: 0752428292
ISBN-13: 978-0752428291
£11.88 []

The History Press Ltd, pbk, 2011


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on new toxic e. coli centred in hamburg

“...By feeding cows grain instead of the grass they are intended to eat, we make their guts more acidic, making it easier for this type of bacteria to thrive. From cow intestines, the bacteria makes its way into manure and on out into our crops and our ground water, where it spreads easily to humans.

“Another problem is our overuse of antibiotics, both in animals and in humans, which creates an environment where it is very easy for resistant strains of bacteria to thrive. This is something we need to become more conscious of, especially when you consider that newer antibiotics are not being made to replace the ones that are no longer effective. Drug companies long ago discovered that making antibiotics is not a profitable business.”

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“The E. coli outbreak in Germany is enormous. In case numbers (so far) it falls short of the 1996 outbreak in Sakai City in Japan, but the number of those in Germany going on to develop haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS), the main complication, which affects blood cells and kidney function, is far greater than in any previous outbreak – 520 on 2 June – and the proportion of those infected that have gone on to develop HUS is also much greater. Germany usually sees about 65 HUS cases every year. In Sakai City only 106 out of 2764 microbiologically confirmed cases developed HUS. The number of deaths in Germany already exceeds the 17 in central Scotland in 1996.

“The German problem is being caused by E. coli type O104:H4, which hasn’t been recorded as causing an outbreak before...” [Quoted from]

In the current outbreak, mostly women are being badly affected (figures not yet available).

Some extensive outbreaks:

  n° cases n° HUS infected n° dead
Canada 1991 521 152 -
Scotland 1996 152 34 22
Japan 1996 2,764 106 12
Germany 2011
so far
1,213 520 18

In several previous outbreaks, the cause was found to be poorly cooked ground meat patties, the resulting sickness being called the Hamburger Disease. Others have been caused by contaminated drinking water. So the concentration on salad vegetables could be narrowing the search too soon.


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