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iran - the continuing story

New translation, the Magna Carta


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documents on Iran

dictators around the world tremble in fear - is khamenei just another madsam in a long dress?

Around the world, dictators are attempting to blank out news from Iran.

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“Ten days after the blatantly rigged presidential election, Iran is descending into darkness.”

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“Out of fear that history might repeat itself, the authoritarian governments of China, Cuba and Burma have been selectively censoring the news this month of Iranian crowds braving government militias on the streets of Tehran to demand democratic reforms.”

“ In Cuba, President Raúl Castro's government has imposed a complete blackout of news surrounding the Iranian elections. But word of developments is trickling through, anyway.”

“In Burma, the junta's mouthpiece, the New Light of Myanmar, has drowned out news from Tehran with articles on bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan. But some of the nearly 200 journals published privately in Rangoon and Mandalay have seized on the topic as a way to pass subversive messages to readers.”

“In China, the Communist Party's propaganda machine has worked furiously to portray the protests in Iran -- already being dubbed the Green Revolution, after the Rose and Orange revolutions earlier this decade in Georgia and Ukraine -- as orchestrated by the United States and other Western powers, not a grass-roots movement. Unlike Western leaders, who have avoided acknowledging Ahmadinejad's claims of victory, President Hu Jintao joined Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev in meeting with and congratulating the Iranian president.” [Quoted from]

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“As the Iranian revolution devours its sons and daughters, the Islamic Republic is changing from a regime ruled by the Shiite clergy and guarded against internal and external enemies by the Revolutionary Guards into a military dictatorship both ruled and guarded by a generation of veterans from the Iran-Iraq war."

“...In the provinces, the Revolutionary Guards have terrorized the public into submission. [Quoted from]

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“Dozens of journalists - some who also campaigned for either Mir Hossein Mousavi or Mehdi Karroubi, both candidates in the presidential election, have been detained in the past fortnight with their whereabouts mostly unknown.

“For example, around 20 of 25 employees of the newspaper Kalameh Sabz arrested at their office in Haft Tir Square on 22 June are still detained and their whereabouts remain unknown. Kalameh Sabz is a newspaper established by presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi in 2009, and which has not been published since 14 June.” [Quoted from]


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fanatic ayatollahs against democracy

Recommended reading.

"In Iran's now-challenged system of government, the ayatollahs have
the last word. Ayatollahs, as their title explains, are "signs of
God." If anyone disagrees with their translation of the divine view,
the clerics have ruthless militias to explain their theological ruling
a bit more emphatically. The point, however, has now been
incontestably made that much of the population does not support this

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neda and the despicable mullahs

It appears that for all their protestations these are no more religious men than the socialists of Tiananmen square.

“Family members of slain Iranian protester Neda Agha Soltan have been forced by Iranian authorities out of their Tehran home after disturbing and graphic images of her death were viewed around the world.

“Neighbors of the family say the four-floor apartment on Meshkini Street, in Eastern Tehran, has been vacated, according to U.K. paper The Guardian. "We just know that they [the family] were forced to leave their flat," a neighbor told The Guardian, but the family was not reached to confirm reports.

“Iranian police did not give Soltan's body to her family, but rather she was buried without her family knowing and the government banned mourning ceremonies at mosques, neighbors told The Guardian.

“The Iranian government is now accusing protesters of killing Neda Soltan, attempting to present her as a martyr of Iran's pro-government Basij militia. Javan, a pro-government newspaper, has even blamed the recently expelled BBC correspondent, Jon Leyne, of hiring "thugs" to shoot her so he could make a documentary film, The Guardian reports.”

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analysis of corruption in iranian faked elections [19-page .pdf]

“Where did Ahmadinejad’s New Votes Come From?
According to the official Ministry of Interior voting data (see Appendix), Mahmud Ahmadinejad has increased the conservative vote by 113% compared to the 2005 election. There is little correlation in provincial-level results between the increase in turnout and the swing to the President, challenging the notion that a previously silent conservative majority came out to support him. Interestingly, in 10 out of 30 provinces, mainly former Mehdi Karrubi strongholds, the official data suggests that Ahmadinejad not only received the votes of all former non-voters and former Rafsanjani voters, but also took up to 44% of the vote from those who had previously voted reformist.

“According to the official data, Mahmud Ahmadinejad has received approximately 13m more votes in this election than the combinedconservative vote in the 2005 Presidential election.”

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a useful aggregator on Iran

screen capture of Reza Aslan's twitter stream

another useful iran aggregator

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