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claim: iran wants 19 more nuclear reactors

“Iran will soon announce an international tender for building 19 nuclear power plants, an MP was quoted as saying, a week after Russia said it had begun fuel deliveries to the Islamic state's first such facility.

“Kazem Jalali, a spokesman for parliament's national security and foreign policy committee, said each power plant would have a capacity of 1,000 megawatt of electricity, the Iran News daily reported on Monday, without giving further details.” [Quoted from]

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“Russia is to supply Iran with a new and lethal anti-aircraft system capable of shooting down American or Israeli fighter jets in the event of any strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

“Iran yesterday confirmed that Russia had agreed to deliver the S-300 air defence system, a move that is likely to irk the Bush administration and gives further proof of Russia and Iran's deepening strategic partnership.

“Iran's defence minister, Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, told Iranian TV that the deal had been agreed under a previous "contract". He did not say when the system would be shipped to Iran.” [Quoted from]

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“We believe that Iran has no economic need to proceed with its programme of uranium enrichment," Lavrov told the daily.

“ "We are trying to persuade the Iranians that freezing the programme is to their advantage as it would immediately lead to talks with all countries of the "six", including the United States."

“Such talks, he said, would aim to end any suspicion that Iran had any secret aim to produce nuclear weapons. "Iran's agreement to this proposal is in everyone's interest."

“Iran was aware, he said, that should there be any deviation from agreements to build Bushehr under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency, "we will freeze our cooperation". ”[Quoted from]

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“If President Bush can't overcome the NIE's intelligence "estimates," his hands will effectively be tied, leaving it solely up to Israel to challenge Iran's nuclear weapons capability. This may now be an impossible task since Israel may have waited too long, hoping the U.S. would do it instead. Thus in coming months we may witness the birth of the new caliphate, headquartered in Tehran.

“When Iran resumes building nuclear weapons (if they haven't already), they will likely widely disperse them so all can't be located and destroyed. Then they can start handing them off with plausible deniability to their terrorist proxies like Hezbollah and Hamas for delivery to any country in the world, including ours, as they have with conventional high explosives many times past. And they don't need ICBMs to do this; small cargo ships can do the job by simply sailing into any port in the world and pushing the button.

“Mr. Bush has the next 11 months to find a way to stop this because it's abundantly clear that opposition presidential candidates, were they to reach office, are unlikely to take effective measures against this kind of risk. For example, Sen. Joe Biden (D., Del.) recently said that he'll immediately file impeachment papers should Mr. Bush take military action against Iran's nuclear program.” [Quoted from]

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the best senators the filthy fossil fuel industry can buy

The idea of subsidising and appeasing the filthy fossil fuel industry, which externalises its pollution to the rest of the world, is a policy of the lunatic asylum. The filthy fossil fuel industry should be penalised to the extent of the economic costs of their externalised dumping.

“"Today the Senate passed an energy bill that helps reduce America’s oil dependency and takes an important step toward reducing global warming pollution. Unfortunately, the bill does not close $13 billion worth of tax loopholes and subsidies for the oil industry and reinvest the money in clean and renewable energy technologies. Earlier in the day, 40 Senators blocked the bill, forcing Senate leaders to jettison the tax provisions.

“Oil companies have given $8 million to Senators over the past four years. Today’s action by 40 Senators proved they have gotten their money’s worth: $1,600 in tax breaks for every dollar the oil industry has spent in campaign contributions. For a breakdown of oil and gas company contributions to senators who blocked a measure to rollback oil company giveaways, see related documents.”

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differences between the two republican frontrunners - the auroran sunset

Now that the used-car salesman who takes every position on every issue (Romney) has started to slide in the polls, we have a new “anybody but Giuliani” candidate for the moonbat wing of the Republican Party: Huckabee. As usual the moonbats care more about the theory than the practice, as it seems does Huckabee himself. From his latest keynote speech:

Huckabee starts with dishonest Bush-bashing:

“The Bush administration's arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and abroad. [...] Unlike President George W. Bush, who marginalized General Eric Shinseki," [Quoted from]

And, amongst other things, he brings up the canard that Bush has isolated America rather than is building alliances at an extraordinary rate around the world.

Then Huckabee mentions the reality:

“Seeing Iraqi Sunnis in Anbar, Diyala, and parts of Baghdad reject al Qaeda and join our forces, often at tremendous risk to themselves, has been a truly extraordinary shift. Those who once embraced al Qaeda members as liberators now see them for what these radicals are: brutal oppressors who want to take Iraq back to the seventh century. And this development is serving as a model for turning Shiite tribes against their militants. Despite what the gloomy Democrats in the United States profess, reconciliation is happening in Iraq, only it is bottom up rather than top down, and since it comes directly from the people, it can end the violence faster. Benchmarks are being reached in fact, if not in law. As Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, told Congress last September, oil revenues are being distributed, de-Baathification is being reversed, and the Shiite-dominated government is giving financial resources to the provinces, including Sunni areas.”

But don’t worry, Huckabee and his pure theories will change all that. Huckabee, like any true-believer - and his membership of that group is why the “anybody but Giuliani” wing of the Republican Party want him - just knows that his theories are more important than anything out there in the real world.

Then we have a real leader:

“I am running for President of the United States because I believe that I can lead America into a new era with bold leadership, optimism, determination, and distinctly American solutions. If you're looking for perfection, you're not going to find it. Not in me, not in any candidate. But if you're looking for a leader who has been tested in times of crisis; a leader who's ready to lead right now; a leader who's achieved results - results that some people thought were impossible --a leader who believes that there is no problem too difficult for American solutions and a free, American spirit. I believe I am that leader. [...]

“America's not unique because of its central government. America is great because of self-government. We unleash the genius of America when we increase freedom. The freedom to pursue success, prosperity, happiness, fulfillment, in the way that you choose, not the way that the government dictates to you. The genius of America is you. The individual American. When you decide how to spend your money, you'll spend it more productively than any government ever will. [...]

“It's really simple. I believe in the strength and wisdom of the American people. Look at our history and you'll see why. Because no matter when or how your ancestors came to this country, we are all the proud descendants of pioneers and patriots. They created this for us, their optimistic American spirit, the defiant determination to do what some other people thought was impossible, that is our greatest inheritance.” [Quoted from]

That reliance on, and investment in, individuals is, of course, precisely the reason for the supposedly “extraordinary” success of Bush’s policies in Iraq: they are “bottom up rather than top down”. Huckabee sees this reality and yet cannot bring himself to change his theories.

Meanwhile, Giuliani acts and relies on and checks against reality. This is why Giuliani gets results, rather than the love of the pure-thought police in the Republican Party.

At the same time, those in the moonbat wing claim to be greatly concerned by government spending, yet put their weight behind big spenders like Romney and big taxers like Huckabee ...

“Over the past ten months, Governor Huckabee's embrace of his liberal economic record as governor and his populist, protectionist rhetoric on the campaign trail has only confirmed the Club for Growth's original assessment," said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. "Huckabee himself admits that he is a 'different kind of Republican,' a code word for more government involvement, less personal freedom, and greater dependence on government bureaucrats."

“Huckabee is proud of his tax hikes, his spending increases, and his regulatory expansions as governor, and he has not indicated that he would govern any differently as president. Nominating Mike Huckabee for president or vice-president would constitute an abject rejection of the free-market, limited-government, economic conservatism that has been the unifying theme of the Republican Party for decades." [Quoted from]

... rather than behind a proven tax-cutter and budget-balancer like Giuliani:

“We'll lower the income tax and the corporate tax rates.

“We'll give the death tax the death penalty.

“We'll find many ways to bring tax relief to middle class families where that tax relief is needed the most. And you know what else we're going to do? We're going to develop a single page, one-page optional tax form.” [Quoted from]

This is what makes moonbats moonbats: they will always prefer their silly theories to any reality. That is also what in the end makes them irrelevant.

So who is going to be the next “anybody but Giuliani” candidate once this one inevitably falls? Another useless nobody like Thompson? Another used-car salesman like Romney? Another theory-over-reality True Believer like Huckabee? Or will the moonbat wing of the Republican Party finally decide to take their heads out of the clouds and face reality?

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the fossil media vs. reality: 6 fake stories in 6 weeks - the auroran sunset

These are trying times for those on the other side of the terrorists’ war on us. Finding it increasingly difficult to find ‘good’ news, the fossil media are having to make even more of it up than usual:

“Two days later, the "dead family members" of Dia Al-Kawwaz appeared on Iraqi television smiling and waving to the cameras. [...]

“In roughly six and a half weeks the mainstream media reported 6 bogus stories from Iraq and Afghanistan." [Quoted from]

Why people still call the fossil media “mainstream” is beyond me - as the linked article itself points out:

“only 29% of Americans, Germans and Brits trust their media”.

And for those not on the other side, here is some real good news:

Map of Iraq's disctricts - map, original is interactive. Credit:“The Concerned Local Citizens, volunteer auxiliary police forces established to secure local communities, have sprung up over much of Iraq since the onset of the surge. Concerned Local Citizens groups are currently active in 12 of Iraq's 18 provinces. Over 72,000 members are active in the ranks, with over 60,000 on paid contract and 12,000 volunteers. Hover your mouse over a province below for detailed
information.” [Quoted from]

Meanwhile there are now eight of eighteen provinces under Iraqi control, and the Iraqis are in the lead in all but four of the rest. It’s little wonder that the fossil media feel the need to make up ‘good’ news.

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some notes on the control of the fed

There is a widespread nonsense that the US Fed is privately owned and used to forward dark international conspiracy.

This item is preparatory notes towards describing the reality.

The logo of the US Federal Reserve System

The reality includes:

“The Federal Reserve System, often referred to as the Federal Reserve or simply "the Fed," is the central bank of the United States.”

“The twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, which were established by Congress as the operating arms of the nation's central banking system, are organized much like private corporations--possibly leading to some confusion about "ownership." For example, the Reserve Banks issue shares of stock to member banks. However, owning Reserve Bank stock is quite different from owning stock in a private company. The Reserve Banks are not operated for profit, and ownership of a certain amount of stock is, by law, a condition of membership in the System. The stock may not be sold, traded, or pledged as security for a loan; dividends are, by law, 6 percent per year.”

Marker at

Regulation I outlines procedures that a member bank must follow to purchase or redeem Federal Reserve Bank capital stock. The regulation applies to existing and proposed member banks, both state member banks and national banks. Generally, a member bank must subscribe to the capital stock of its District Federal Reserve Bank in an amount equal to 6 percent of the member bank's paid-up capital and surplus and must pay in half of that amount. The other half is subject to call by the Board of Governors.”

The twelve districts of the Federal Reserve system. Credit:
The twelve districts of the Federal Reserve system. Credit:

From the New York Fed’s own introductory pages:

“The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks which, together with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., make up the Federal Reserve System. The "Fed," as the system is commonly called, is an independent governmental entity created by Congress in 1913 to serve as the central bank of the United States. It is responsible for

  • “formulating and executing monetary policy,
  • supervising and regulating depository institutions,
  • providing an elastic currency,
  • assisting the federal government's financing operations, and
  • serving as the banker for the U.S. government.

“Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System The Federal Reserve System was designed to ensure its political independence and its sensitivity to divergent economic concerns. The chairman and the six other members of the Board of Governors who oversee the Federal Reserve are nominated by the president of the United States and confirmed by the Senate. The president is directed by law to select governors who provide "a fair representation of the financial, agricultural, industrial and geographical divisions of the country." One term is set to expire every two years. This is to prevent any one president from saturating the Board with his nominees.”

“The New York Fed employs almost 2,900 officers and staff, including just over 2,700 at the head office and the East Rutherford Operations Center, New Jersey. Currently, the New York Fed employs more than 400 field examiners. More than half of these examiners were hired after 1991, when the Federal Reserve was given additional supervisory powers over foreign depository institutions. They were hired primarily to examine branches and agencies of foreign banks headquartered in the New York area.”

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good to see democrats approving of bush’s actions

Not only are commentators praising the intel output from George Bush’s reorganisation of the intelligence services (you know, the structure left by Bill Clinton).

The new report is also saying that the likely reason for Iran to halt/slow their nuclear ambitions is because, like Libya, they saw what happened to Madsam in Iraq.

Meanwhile, sane Democrats are admitting that the bush policy of sanctions and continued caution is the best policy.


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£30 billion anyone? ask the clown - it’s him picking your pocket for votes

“Staff at Northern Rock have won hefty Christmas bonuses and pay rises, despite their employer owing the Government nearly £30 billion.” [Quoted from]

Marker at

“Britain’s mortgage lenders face a £30 billion funding shortfall next year if the Bank of England does not step in to ease the credit squeeze, the industry’s lobby group said yesterday.” [Quoted from]

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sorry we forgot to say sorry that we also didn’t fund the high biohazard unit that spread foot and mouth

Our ‘new’ policy is to replace education education and education
with failure failure and failure.

The word ‘apology’ is now to be a synonym for ‘responsibility’.
The word ‘sorry’ is now to replace the word ‘action’.

To enhance this new policy, we have decided to keep apologising and apologising and apologising.

And hoping you’ll forgive our incompetence and vote for us because we really really really really really care.

In view of our great efforts to care, we are raising our wages and pensions again and having ’honourable’ painted on our limos and mansions, and sewn onto our unisex jackets.

We forgot to sorry for not funding Nimrod maintenance.
We forgot to say sorry we didn't plan flood protection.
We’re sorry we didn’t fix reasonable recycling.

And sorry we are way behind in planning nuclear and other clean energy.

Sorry we’ve lost your data.
Sorry we’ve screwed up the banking system.
Sorry education standards are falling.
Sorry hospitals are filthy.
Sorry we do dodgy financial deals.

Let’s move on...
No-one’s to blame, no-one’s responsible.

We’re ‘new’ Labour.

‘New’ Labour’s ‘new’ slogan - failure, failure, failure.

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‘democrats’ in the iraqi quagmire [page 1] [page 2]

“On the eve of this war about twenty percent had strong feelings to begin the fighting, while twenty percent opposed it — and the vast majority in between had no strong views other than a desire to be on the winning side. Although the Democrats grasped that truth about human nature, and thus all during the last four years adjusted their politics to mirror what they perceived 51 percent of the people believed, they forgot one central truth — evident in the careers of all great statesmen from Pericles to Churchill.

“While the people are expected to be fickle, they are uneasy when their own leaders prove even more so. A voter has no problem changing his position to reflect the apparent popular consensus, or even seeing a wishy-washy politician reflect his own displeasure about perceived defeat. But when the scent of victory is in the air, suddenly the citizen gives little leeway for a politician to be as opportunistic as himself.

“When the perception of Iraq changed unexpectedly from an unpopular quagmire to a brilliant recovery, replete with real heroes, the Democrats, like deer in the headlights, were caught frozen. After all, who wants to see next October attack-ad clips of an Iraqi politician praising the United States, or a quiet walk through smiling crowds in Ramadi juxtaposed with Senators declaring our defeat and slurring the savior of Iraq?

“So what to do?

“At first, silence followed for much of the autumn. No more pronouncements of defeat from Harry Reid; no more ads alleging treason; no more John Murthas thundering about war criminals in our ranks; no more orations from Sen. Durbin about our troops being Nazi-like; no more quips from Sen. Kennedy that we were the new Baathists at Abu Ghraib.”

And more of the same.

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“oh for a real villain”, “our government has proved a flop even at cheating” - parris on the uk circus

Not to be missed hilarity.

“Oh for an evil genius, a Blofeld. Oh for a real villain, for web of wickedness, a vortex, a mastermind. Oh for a mind. Oh for a dastardly cause, or a noble cause. Oh for any cause.

“For this is what so profoundly depresses in Labour's funding scandal. It's all so low grade. The characters involved are so shrivelled. "Tragic," say the commentators. But the real tragedy is that the story fails even to rise to the level of tragedy. It's farce: a pathetic, demeaning tale of small minds, small imaginations, small stakes; a silly, twisted, inconsequential tale of paltry people hiding paltry sums of money for paltry motives.

“A tale of spivvy incompetence: a big stage, and a cast of insects. Second-rate ministers flanking a third-rate Prime Minister waited upon by fourth-rate courtiers sending out the begging bowl to fifth-rate sleeve-tuggers who aren't even very rich. At Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, that "Mr Bean" gibe said it all.”

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spreading data through society, or how the ideas of a few influence many

spreading data through society

The Internet is already leading opinion in the UK. Naturally, ideas from the Net take time to filter through.

Prior to the use of the Net, it took somewhere between three and eighteen months to spread information or opinion, using ‘man in the street’ routes, for instance by talking to shop girls. Part of the success of that information transfer depended upon the complexity of the discussion/argument and/or ‘resistance to the insertion’ of new ideas. Resistance to having ideas ‘inserted’ is not just a matter forgetting (to counter this may require further presentation of the data, or its repetition), but it is also often necessary to find a format where the average person can understand, or relate to, the message.

The veracity and the cost benefit analysis (COBA) of the message is important. While you can sell rubbish in the absence of intelligence, it is much harder to sell rubbish when there is a better/‘cheaper’ product on the market.

In an experiment, Stanley Milgram determined that people can be connected to any other person by about six steps. However, his experiment relied on the participants deliberately picking the person they thought most likely to be able to set up a connection towards the target. Milgram’s work was published as “The small world problem” in Psychology Today 2, pp. 60-67, 1967.
If you want ‘clean’ discussion, then look at
Torsten Hagerstrand [out of print].

how the ideas of a few influence many - the example of UK ID cards

If you have the arguments to support an opinion, you will normally win. The arguments are often complex, it takes people time to understand and then to internalise them.

For instance, the question in the UK of compulsory ID cards is of middling complexity. I have told people ‘a long time’ ago that they would ‘win’ against the introduction of ID cards, if they had the arguments. In my view, they are steadily winning. Among others, they have finally convinced me.

The final argument against ID cards for me is that dispersed data is much safer than centralised data. Although I was convinced all along that ID cards were a logical non-sense, now I also think this is a campaign worth fighting. Previously, I was neutral on that aspect of the ID card argument.

Opinion will not be changed unless there are sane, convincing arguments. After that, it is a matter of understanding how data is propagated.

Look at Gordon Brown the Clown - he is a persistent liar, a cliché machine, all talk and no action. That is in process of getting through to the public.

Humans in the West are very conditioned to words, without the precaution of checking for matching actions. Shysters like Tony Bliar and the Clown have relied upon that, and on a common inertia against change.

And here is one of the rules of communication: inertia.

All that is necessary to bring down the Clown is to direct people’s focus to the actions of the current government.

Now the Socialist Labour Party is floundering because they have real opposition, and nothing but words to offer.

While the Tories were not offering a better product, why vote Tory? No use going out and buying what you already have in a different packet - most will tend to buy the familiar, or nothing.

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