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New translation, the Magna Carta


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germany, the world’s richest beggar

“Our refusal to pony up a further €31bn we cannot afford, to prop up a monetary union that was created against our wishes and better judgment, and launched with the malevolent purpose of accelerating the great leap forward to a European state that is inherently undemocratic.

“It is being presented as treachery, Anglo-Saxon perfidy, and the naked pursuit of national self-interest.”

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what we, the uk, are outside of

“The three most significant objectives are:
1) a golden rule on deficit limits for all member states,
2) automatic penalties (presumably in the form of sanctions) for countries that break that rule, and
3) a requirement that member states submit their budgets to the EU authorities for approval before they can be considered by their own national parliaments. That is what Mrs Merkel calls stabilisation. You may call it something else.”

  1. These are virtually the same rules the whole lot of them have been ignoring since the euro started.

  2. Who believes the budget deficits of places like Italy, Greece and Belgium are going to reduce to 3% per annum any time soon, and the overall national debts sink to 60%?

  3. Who believes anything will be done about it any more than before?

  4. Who believes any of the Great Southland will stay in the euro six months more than the day the massive wealth transfers stop?

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the morning after the night before

The desperate attempts of the leftists to make David Cameron and the UK the story will very soon be overtaken by reality.

The awesome debts, bank weakness and ECB chaos will still be there in the morning when the drunks awake.

“The prospect of European heavyweights like Italy or Spain turning to the IMF for rescue loans is worrying the United States and other nations that fear they could suffer losses on funds they have extended to the IMF.

“The International Monetary Fund cannot be expected to step in as a substitute for a stronger commitment by Europe which needs to assume the brunt of any losses on emergency loans, a senior US official said on Friday.—

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what just happened in the eu

Here are the main points of the agreement:

  • Deal as based on a new "fiscal compact" and "on significantly stronger coordination of economic policies in areas of common interest"

As empty as a socialist promise.

  • Euro zone states' budgets should be balanced or in surplus.


  • Such a rule will also be introduced in euro zone member states' own national legal systems; they must report national debt issuance plans in advance.

This is our report. We’ve decided to ignore you, just as we always have.

  • As soon as a euro member state is in breach of the three percent deficit ceiling, there will be automatic consequences, including possible sanctions, unless a qualified majority of euro states is opposed.

We’re all already in breach, and many of us have been since the start.

  • The European Stability Mechanism (ESM), the euro zone's permanent bailout fund, is aimed to enter into force in July 2012; the existing European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) will remain active until mid-2013. The overall ceiling of the EFSF/ESM of 500bn euros will be reviewed in March 2012.

We’re not going to change anything, but pretend we have. You must remember we have elections coming.

  • - Euro area and other EU states will confirm within 10 days the provision of funds to the IMF of up to 200 billion euros in the form of bilateral loans to help it deal with the crisis.

We’re going to try to use the IMF to cover up the fact we’re going to monetise our debts through a confused back door.”

  • Voting rules in the ESM will be changed to allow decisions by qualified majority of 85 percent in emergencies, although that remains subject to confirmation by the Finnish parliament

That should stop independence further, a real change in EU powers over the UK.

As far as I can see, it’s just more of the same old waffle.

Italy functions on the north bribing the south.
The UK functions on the south subsidising the north.
Spain functions by Bilbao and Barcelona subsidising Madrid.

The EUSSR seeks to function by the north bribing the south.

How long it continues depends entirely on how comfortable Germany and France keeps paying for Greeks and Italians.

As with all such relationships, those receiving the dole will always want more...

And more...

And more...

Sarkozy and Merkel:
Look here, we’ve got elections due. So we’ve got to posture until we get past the elections. This will give David Cameron the opportunity to say no, so we’ll all gain.

We’re going to impose fiscal discipline on the dole countries.

Oh no you’re not, or they would not be willing to sign up for it.

The real annoyance from the Eurocrats in France and Germany is that the UK is refusing to contribute still more to the eu dole payments.

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churchill in parliament, 24 may 1944, on spain - before policy changed to appease socialist russia

“There is no doubt that if Spain had yielded to German blandishments and pressure at that juncture our burden would have been much heavier. The Straits of Gibraltar would have been closed and all access to Malta would have been cut off from the West. All the Spanish coast would have become the nesting place of German U-boats. I certainly did not feel at the time that I should like to see any of those things happen and none of them did happen. Our Ambassador deserves credit for the influence he rapidly acquired and which continually grew. In his work he was assisted by a gifted man, Mr. Yencken, whose sudden death by airplane accident is a loss which I am sure has been noted by the House. But the main credit is undoubtedly due to the Spanish resolve to keep out of the war. They had had enough of war and they wished to keep out of it.
[An HON. MEMBER: "That is a matter of opinion."]
Yes, I think so, and that is why my main principle of beating the enemy as soon as possible should be steadily followed. But they had had enough, and I think some of the sentiment may have been due to the fact that, looking back, the Spanish people, who are a people who do look back, could remember that Britain had helped Spain to free herself from the Napoleonic tyranny of. 130 years ago. At any rate the critical moment passed; the Battle of Britain was won; the Island Power which was expected to be ruined and subjugated in a few months was seen that very winter not only intact and far stronger in the homeland but also advancing by giant strides, under Wavell's guidance, along the African shore, taking perhaps a quarter of a million Italian prisoners on the way.

“But another very serious crisis occurred in our relations with Spain before the operation designated "Torch," that is to say, the descent of the United States and British Forces upon North-West Africa, was begun. Before that operation was begun Spain's power to injure us was at its very highest. For a long time before this we had been steadily extending our airfield at Gibraltar and building it out into the sea, and for a month before zero hour, on 7th November, 1942, we had sometimes 600 airplanes crowded on this airfield in full range and in full view of the Spanish batteries. It was very difficult for the Spaniards to believe that these airplanes were intended to reinforce Malta, and I can assure the House that the passage of those critical days was very anxious indeed. However, the Spaniards continued absolutely friendly and tranquil. They asked no questions, they raised no inconveniences.

“If, in some directions, they have taken an indulgent view of German U-boats in distress, or continued active exportations to Germany, they made amends on this occasion, in my view, so far as our advantage was concerned, for these irregularities by completely ignoring the situation at Gibraltar, where, apart from aircraft, enormous numbers of ships were anchored far outside the neutral waters, inside the Bay of Algeciras, always under the command of Spanish shore guns. We should have suffered the greatest inconvenience of we had been ordered to move those ships. Indeed, I do not know how the vast convoys would have been marshalled and assembled. I must say that I shall always consider a service was rendered at this time by Spain, not only to the United Kingdom and to the British Empire and Commonwealth, but to the cause of the United Nations.

“I have, therefore, no sympathy with those who think it clever, and even funny, to insult and abuse the Government of Spain whenever occasion serves. I have had the responsibility of guiding the Government while we have passed through mortal perils, and, therefore, I think I have some means of forming a correct judgment about the values of events at critical moments as they occur. I am very glad now that, after prolonged negotiations, a still better arrangement has been made with Spain, which deals in a satisfactory manner with the Italian ships which have taken refuge in Spanish 771 harbours, and has led to the hauling down of the German flag in Tangier and the breaking of the shield over the Consulate, and which will, in a few days, be followed by the complete departure of the German representatives from Tangier, although they still remain in Dublin. Finally, it has led to the agreement about Spanish wolfram, which has been reached without any affront to Spanish dignity, and has reduced the export of wolfram from Spain to Germany during the coming critical months to a few lorry-loads a month.

“It is true that this agreement has been helped by the continuous victories of the Allies in many parts of the world, and especially in North Africa and Italy, and also by the immense threat by which the Germans conceive themselves to be menaced, by all this talk of an invasion across the Channel. This, for what it is worth, has made it quite impossible for Hitler to consider reprisals on Spain. All his troops have had to be moved away from the frontier, and he has no inclination to face bitter guerilla warfare, because he has got quite enough to satisfy himself in so many other countries which he is holding down by brute force.

“As I am here to-day speaking kindly words about Spain, let me add that I hope she will be a strong influence for the peace of the Mediterranean after the war. Internal political problems in Spain are a matter for the Spaniards themselves. It is not for us—that is, the Government—to meddle in such affairs— ”

Germany surrendered unconditionally on 8 May 1945.

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the slow motion implosion of the euro continues

france won’t stand for it, and the germans want out without being blamed

The euro is stumbling towards the knackers.

Who can we force out, so’s we can blame it on them?

Will the new Spanish government have the guts to tell the loons to stuff it?

Will Ireland vote the euro into the deep dark well of hell?

Marker at

growth and stability pact part 2 - the loons have taken over the asylum

The growth and stability pact was part of the chocolate euro in 1998, but France and just about everyone else ignored it.

So, they’re going to do it again.

Some people believe anything.

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guests at the euro christmas party

“Cameron and Clarkson are very close – the prime minister appeared as "the Stig" for Clarkson's 50th birthday party – and are part of the so- called Chipping Norton set, which includes, or at least included, the PR man Matthew Freud and his wife Elisabeth Murdoch, former news international chief executive Rebekah Brooks, and her husband, the racehorse trainer Charlie, all of whom live nearby. On Boxing Day last year the prime minister lunched at Rebekah and Charlie Brooks' farmhouse – where the Camerons were present alongside James Murdoch and his wife at a time when News Corporation was bidding for full control of BSkyB.”

Sounds like a far more interesting party than the Marxist International winter holiday at the Milipedes.

From a correspondent:
Regardless of the slugfest at the Millipedes things might be catching up with Dodgy Dave. Mind you with Merkel and Sarkozy and all the rest of the EU degenerates trying to get in on the act it will be an interesting race to see who gets the golden globe as idiot of the year.

You should learn to respect your own culture and stop attending to the polically correct rubbish from the Marxist ‘New’ Labour Party and the BBC.

There’s a line in Maigret - Chez les Riches -
Referring to a Bentley car in the courtyard:
“It’s a 1940 model. The Germans built tanks, the English built luxury cars. England won the war, the English are always right.”

Russia was against the reunification of Germany.

For half a century Germany has been dominated by two forms of pride--military ambition and intellectual pedantry, the one engendering the other. She carried self-esteem and self-admiration to such a pitch that she believed herself, and told herself, that she was a nation without peer, a people-type marked out to be the head of the human race. She made herself a soldier that she might realize her dream, militarism being thus the servant of German Thought. She was to become" Greatest Germany," to extend ever farther afield, to mount ever higher, by force of arms and the spread of her culture: Deutschland über alles, Germany before all and above all, was to dominate everywhere, and to rule the world.

“She had brought into being a formidable engine of war. She produced the illusion, or the impression, of a certain scientific superiority, ponderous and massive, like her soldiers, and like them also in strength. She paraded this achievement with such an air of assurance, with such haughtiness, such an accent of superb arrogance, that she imposed her conviction upon others.

“And these two boasts fall simultaneously, in the same catastrophe: the military boast has been shattered, though not ingloriously, in those combats of giants such as humanity has never hitherto witnessed; the intellectual boast has foundered miserably amid orgies of cruelty, of villainies, of stupid malevolence, which are only to be matched in the worst periods of history, and are on a par with the vilest excesses of barbarian hordes.

“The enormous power of the German armies and their monstrous engines of war astounded the world; but their crimes have sickened it; so that it is hard to say which feeling is uppermost-surprise at the obstinate resistance of the Kaiser's soldiers, or indignation at the savage destruction they have wrought.”
[pp. 1-2, Preface, The Cathedral of Reims - the story of a German crime by Maurice Landrieux, Bishop of Dijon; translated by Ernest Williams, 1920]
Franco, silent ally in World War Two by Beaulac, p.131 (in Madrid, 1942)
“The Germans were not satisfied with enjoying themselves, they wanted others to know they were having fun...”

“ ...But the Germans’ good times were always organised. Their parties were too stiff or too loud. They always seemed to be trying to impress others, but they seldom succeeded. There was a self-consciousness about their performances that was actually pleasing to Allied observers...”

Germans come to holiday in this area. They are still the same. They are entertaining - they march down to the beach, each one carrying a bit of firewood. They make a fire on the beach and ‘have fun’. Everyone watches them with mildly hidden amusement!

Do countries have personalities?

The Cathedral of Reims - the story of a German crime by Maurice Landrieux



The Cathedral of Reims - the story of a German crime by Maurice Landrieux

The Cathedral of Reims - the story of a German crime by Maurice Landrieux, Bishop of Dijon; translated by Ernest Williams
Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd., London, 1920


Marker at


Lightning Source UK Ltd, 2010
ISBN-10: 114320803X
ISBN-13: 978-1143208034



Franco, silent ally in World War Two by Willard L. Beaulac
Southern Illinois University Press, 1986
ISBN-10: 0809312549
ISBN-13: 978-0809312542


Franco, silent ally in World War Two by Willard L. Beaulac

end note

  1. Based on the book Maigret hésite [1968] - Maigret hesitates [1969], also available as a French DVD (with English subtitles). This is the best video version of Maigret presently available.
Maigret - Volume 2 10 DVD set
ASIN: B00066K29W
ASIN: B00108D9WM

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tie a knot in that without moving - sarkozy sermonises

“In a speech in November he said "there will be a two-speed Europe: one speed that moves toward more integration in the eurozone and one speed for a confederation in the EU." ”

“But he promised that France would not give up its sovereignty.

“He said the euro could not continue to exist unless eurozone economies pulled together.

“Europe must be "refounded" he said, with France and Germany at its heart to ensure "a zone of stability".”

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