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New translation, the Magna Carta


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ridiculous miliband claims he could be first jewish pm, because....

...because Disraeli was baptised when he was 12.

But Ed Miliband describes himself as a Jewish atheist.

So how come Benjamin Disraeli can't be a Jewish Christian?

And this Milipede is the crazy who wants to be Prime Minister,
perhaps he wasn't baptised an atheist!

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36% is more than 10%, and so is 76% - the gallant losers' fight

"...neither thinks the other is likely to take votes from him..."

In other words, a 'debate' of the deaf, an argument between extremists for the votes of extremists.

"The Nick v Nigel debates are the ultimate example. The headline polls about who won are irrelevant precisely because both parties feel they are winning simply by taking part. Clegg threw down the gauntlet and Farage picked it up for the same reasons – each feels his party is polling below its potential maximum, and neither thinks the other is likely to take votes from him. Each reasons that there are Europhile and Eurosceptic voters who they have yet to capture, so both can gain from publicly fighting about the issue. Clegg may have scored only 36% in the "who won?" stakes, but even that's a long way above his normal poll rating. A battle in which the losing combatant gains from taking part is the very essence of a benefight."

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total new housing units - you wonder why housing is so expensive?

Housebuilding rates in the UK

House-building fell to its lowest since the war under Brown the Clown and the red Eds with one-nation-class-warfare-fascist-'new'-Labour.

When was council house building highest?
When was it lowest?

And that doesn't consider mass immigration and the vast increase in divorce rates leading to far more units per head of population.

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lesson in labour government management

Two years into the 1945 Labour government - Britain was going bankrupt again.

Socialists never ever learn.
Vote for Miliband and his little Ed Balls, you know it makes nonsense.

[Extracted from Herbert Morrison]

Morrison walked angrily out of the meeting. He was fed up with Bevin's drunken monologue.
Attlee showed no power of gripping and guiding the talk.
Dalton was taking uppers.

Next day, Dalton threatened to resign.
Cripps added his threat.
Bevan threatened to resign if they didn't nationalise steel. [Derived from pp.409-10]

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"Not since 1931 has parliament broken up for a summer holiday with this sense of economic as distinct from foreign crisis threatening. For Labour the 1931 analogy was frightening." (From The Guardian)
[1931 was the previous time Labour had had power.]

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Morrison was begging the T.U.C. to cooperate and do overtime to improve exports, as well as to go easy on wage and labour direction. (The Labour government was running out of borrowed dollars, and didn't want to do the necessary and rational things. All the bruvvers trying to blame one another.)

The Gallup poll put the Tories ahead a mere two years after the Labour election landslide of 1945.

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[Precised from The bleak midwinter, 1947]
During World War Two, coal was not rationed, but it was rationed by the Labour government in 1947, as they had run down the reserves so far that they had scared themselves. So they tried to increase the reserves, which had been substantial before the war.

The rationing caused a loss of about one month's production.The Labour loons estimated the losses at £200 million (when money was worth a lot more, before several Socialist devaluations). That number was, of course, made up and had no sound basis.

Later analysis concludes that the rationing wasn't necessary.

So not only did the Labour government mismanage reserves, especially in 1946, they lost production and exports, which put further stress on their borrowings from the United States. This eventually led to the usual economic chaos that distinguishes Socialists.

Of course, Labour also nationalised coal in 1946, because they believed in central 'planning'. As usual, they caused more problems for Britain and its economy with their 'planning'.

While the European continent was gradually recovered from far worse problems, Socialists in the UK tried to buy votes, with borrowed money such as Marshall Plan loans from the USA, instead of concentrating on rebuilding as was done elsewhere.

Weekly average coal mined in 1938: 4353 tons, in 1948: 4195 tons.

The Poles helped to recover UK mining production, but the unions fought against them coming into the mines.

Union excuses included, "there was very widespread dislike of the Poles among British miners who believed that because the Poles did not wish to return to Poland they must be fascists." [Said by Manny Shinwell, minister of fuel and power.]
"After all, if the Poles would not return home to help rebuild a Socialist Poland under the benign protection of the Red Army, then was not their good faith towards Socialist Britain suspect?" [The bleak midwinter, 1947, p.51]

Herbert Morrison, portrait of a politician by Bernard Donaghue and G.W. Jones

Herbert Morrison, portrait of a politician by Bernard 
        Donaghue and G.W. Jones

Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, hbk, 1973

ISBN-10: 0297766058
ISBN-13: 978-0297766056


The bleak midwinter, 1947 by Alex J. Robertson
The bleak midwinter, 1947 by Alex J. Robertson

Manchester Univ Press, hbk, 1987

ISBN-10: 0719019028
ISBN-13: 978-0719019029


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For Socialism and Peace: the Labour Party's Programme of Action, 1934
who is Gordon Brown?

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chief entryist in labour's attempt to destroy the liberal party, 'returns' to labour...

"Co-founder and former leader of the SDP Lord Owen has given money to Labour, having hailed its "brave and bold" change to its links with the unions. David Owen, a former Labour cabinet minister, made the announcement after the party backed Ed Miliband's reforms. He said he had given up his status as a crossbench peer to give "over £7,500" but would remain an independent."

Well, that's one use of the term 'independent'!

As with Clause 4, Ed Milipede is trying to change, yet again, the spin for the one-nation-class-warfare-fascist-'new' Labour Party.

Of course, the unions still own the Labour Party, or the unions would never have gone along with yet another rebranding, as socialism again tries to hide its real nature.

Every time people understand that the product is crap, change the packet!

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on uk channel 4's "benefits street"

Benefits Street is a series of documentaries on the welfare state, concentrating on a street where about 90% of the residents are benefit dependents. It is shown on Channel 4, Monday nights. There are 5 programmes planned, the second will be shown 13th January, 2014.

channel 4 and the groaniad try to spin 'benefits street'

"...It was a deliberate decision to focus on an area where a high proportion of residents were reliant on benefits, to show the effect of benefit cuts on a community for whom they were the principal source of income."

So, not only are these people living off the backs of the workers, they also have extra from various criminal activities.

On 'benefits', they generally have a higher standard of living than many who work, and they have endless free time.
Yet the leftist media and the Labour Party still whines on about 'cuts'.

See here for some alleged figures.

Marker at abelard.org

tax free zone or reservation?

What went mostly uncommented on the programme is the various cash streams on this near lawless frontier.

Growing dope for profit, trading goods, doing 'odd jobs', defrauding the handout regime for thousands, shop lifting. Even the heroine of the series was sacked for a £13,000 theft from her employers.

These are all mentioned as part of the life style by various members of the sub-cult on Benefits Street, and doubtless there are many other nice little earners.

The pretence that these people are limited to government handouts does not fully reflect the reality of a life of ease outside 'the system', and it certainly doesn't pay for all the extras like prison stays, unregistered guests, free roads and medicine etc.

And that is even before the breeding career etc is entered.

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