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New translation, the Magna Carta


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that nasty untidy real world - down with freedom, socialism 1910

This article and book review has been been incorporated into a major page on a literary great and the origins of Socialist ambitions and policies:
h.g. wells and other fabians - a socialist with a rather better mind.

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caricature of socialism, saying government power grab is about 'economics'

Here we have the caricature of socialism - trying to argue that government power grab is about 'economics'.

The linked article is a lesson in muddle and mendacity.

But unlike most of the Fabians of New-Old Labour, Peter Hain is at least letting you see a little of what is really up their sleeves.

"We urgently need (as some economists argue) £30bn a year for two years of extra capital investment..."

"The fundamental choice facing Britain today is not actually about the deficit. "

"...the real culprit an obsession with keeping government at bay, making non-interventionism rather than interventionism the watchword."

"...governments were in truth too small and too passive – not too big and too active."

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on prime ministerial material

There is presently only one person with the high ability necessary to occupy no. 10 - let's get rid of him, as the minnows thrash around in the hope of advantage.

There is a saying that the stock markets hope for instability, as that is how they make money. There is also a truism that ambitious soldiers hope for battles and disease as the royal road to promotion.

Maybe it should be said as well that a backbencher also hopes for trouble and instability.

After all, even the sheeplike Clement Attlee got to be P.M. on the crash of the Labour Party in parliament. Under such problems, the likes of Theresa May, Boris Johnson and David Davis can hope and hope and hope for a page in history.

Why, even the Red Ed Milliband can cling to his dreams!

"David Cameron will have a relatively relaxed Christmas. The Prime Minister believes things are broadly going to plan. Labour’s poll lead has evaporated. The economy has turned at just the right time. Wage increases are outstripping inflation. There are signs that the Ukip bubble is finally starting to deflate. Ed Miliband is still leader of the Labour Party.

"For completeness, it should be noted that this confidence is not entirely shared by his backbenchers. But that is to be expected. Backbenchers view the onset of election year in the same way turkeys view the onset of December. And compared to the Labour benches, the Tories are in riotously buoyant mood.

"That said, the Tories are making contingency plans. It’s what Tories do. Or rather, the various prospective leadership contenders are making contingency plans.

"Father Christmas has received five letters this year from people asking for the leadership of the Conservative Party, should anything unfortunate happen to David Cameron. They are from George Osborne, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Davis and Philip Hammond. One or two others may have sent them. But they will have been lost in the post." [Quoted from]

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the approaching general election - even carswell is not safe

In March 1973, Dick Taverne defected from the Labour Party and won a seat under a different heading.

Douglas Carswell is the first M.P. to do that since Taverne.

March 1973 bye-election results
Democratic Labour Dick Taverne 21,967 58.2%
Labour John Ilks 8,776 23.2%

Less than one year later, Taverne's majority was down to less than 1,000 [February, 1974].

Less than one year later, [October, 1974], he was ousted by Margaret Becket (yuk!).

In 2014, Douglas Carswell performed the same silly trick with a very similar result:

November 2014 bye-election results
Kippers [UKIP] Douglas Carswell 21,113 59.7%
Conservative Giles Watling 8,709 24.6%

Very likely, Carswell has no sense of history.

Taverne was pro-Common Market (as it was then), while Carswell is against the European Union.

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the devil's shit

Said of oil and oil wealth by the Venezuelan founder of OPEC, Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo.

A country becomes dependent on easy money and goes down the tubes. Scotchland is already well on the road to a dole economy, and Alex Salmond wants more dole.

Norway hopes to avoid the problems with a massive sovereign fund for a rather small population (like Scotland, about 5 million) and reasonable standards of education.

A major part of 'black' social problems in the USA can be attributed to the extension of dole and other handouts.

Will Salmond aggravate Scotch problems if he ever gets his hands on British oil? Many countries with oil end up as highly repressive dictatorships, though the idea of King Salmond would be about as impressive as King Kim.

"As the centre of Norway's booming oil and gas industries, it is also a very wealthy place.

"Yet there are few displays of ostentatious spending - there are no supercars with tinted windows, no designer handbag shops, and no queues of people outside exclusive nightclubs.

"For while other countries have struck oil and then binged on the revenues, by contrast Norway is continuing to invest its oil and gas money in a giant sovereign wealth fund."

"We trust the government, we believe our tax money will be spent wisely."
   Prof Alexander Cappelen Norway School of Economics

"The fund, worth about $800bn (£483bn), owns 1% of the entire world's stocks,..."

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