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how categorising is bad science

From a correspondent:
"Freud maintained that the anal phase should, if all goes well, be succeeded by healthy genitality. His wisdom is mostly bogus,..."

The Freudian stages - oral, anal, genital - are a useful filing system, and Sigmund Freud's 'wisdom' is just fine.
Freud was a scientist trying to build classifications, with his originating material being empiric observation.

All things that fly are to be called ducks.
I see a fly, a stork and a Spitfire. I therefore call that box 'ducks'.
This does not mean that the items in this box are 'ducks', nor are they table cloths unless one is thrown at you.

I just need a means of crude classification. Over time, I build up more data concerning the ducks. Are they 'all the same'? Are there 'differences'? Does it matter?

A serious scientist is flexible. The boxes can be shuffled around, emptied or burned.

Freud set up useful boxes, so did the alchemists. Eventually, the boxes become more useful (pragmatics).

The boxes of the correspondent are prisons. For an effective 'scientist', the boxes are completely biodegradable!

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changing the world - on sloppy logic and slack science

A correspondent said,
"The instinct to belong, to be part of a group, leads to a lack of independent thinking, and so to major foolishnesses.
Then why did humans evolve as pack animals?"

Being down the pub as part of a pack is not an effective way of sorting out confused people's logic.

Evolution got us this far. I do not wish 'us' to stop here.

'We' can co-operate to move a table. Much of what 'we' have learned is fairly crude. I am working on a more advanced, more empiric logic.
We do not need the precision of empiric logic, most of the time, as when we party or build motor cars.

However, progress is blocked in several areas if we are not more objective/empiric, for instance in psychology, maths, politics, sociology, 'philosophy', 'law', and more.

refining thinking

If you build cars, you use Newtonian physics, but that does not work for nuclear power stations, or even photovoltaic generation, where quantum physics is needed.
Newtonian physics is not precise enough for those situations.

I am saying that the maths/language is not accurate enough (true enough to reality, empiric) for the likes of psychology, maths, politics, sociology, 'philosophy', 'law', ethics...
We can still use the older cruder methods/'logic' to build cars or move the table. However, situations where people interact with others in the real world require communications that relate and refer to the real world as that world changes, rather than assumptions, prejudices and dogma.

Jules Maigret, when asked his method for solving murders, says, "I don't think".

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maths and religion - fundamentalist or realist

religion, a method for moderating behaviours

The Catholic Church is not as monolithic as people often believe. Popes vary in their priorities, but the organisation lives on.

Rome works on dictatorial principles. It is not a slow, cumbersome committee, like those so beloved of Socialists. A recent move by Rome works to get back in accord with Rome those that disagree with Catholic Christianism, even the German Lutherans.

Socialism is also a schismatic movement, but it looks like it is dying.

The 'rules' of religion, such as "thou shalt not..." are simplisms for ordinary people. It gives them an experience of security, especially in childhood. Most simple people cannot even remember what happened last week.

A personalised god, who like Santa Claus can tell whether you're "bad or good", is for those of less intelligence. It is for the consumers of the Daily Mail and Groaniad consumer, and is run for those of less sophistication by the ignorant among the shamans (priests).

The god of theology is 'unknowable'. The reasonings become much more involved on proceeding to the 33rd level.

'Thou shalt not' is just a small step on the road to civilising the sheep and the goats. It is strange when people as sophisticated as university scientists relate to the sort of nonsense believed by a Jehovah's Witness, or a Socialist heretic!

maths, a useful tool if matched to reality

Maths is a form of religion. It is based on assumptions that are empirically (demonstrably) unsound (not so).

2 + 2 is just a mathematical form of a magic spell.

2 elefants + 2 rats = 4 animals
2 elefants + 2 rats = 2 elefants + 2 rats
2 elefants + 2 rats = four tonnes and a bit over

A useful idiot said, "Maths works, it just works".

It works just like that? What does maths work at?

The useful idiot said, "It's also all nice and logical and procedural..."

Like theology? And maths is unsound, but let's not worry about that bit.

The useful idiot continued, "... with every step is out in the open and can be followed."

"Thou shalt not kill" - is that 'out in the open' and 'can be followed'? Or is it like a number 11 bus perhaps?

Words not attached to real objects, or real events, are part of the mental disease abroad in society, where people believe things that are not so, and act on those beliefs.

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jesuit pope speaks out against fundamentalism

"The pope says he hopes the next Synod would focus most on helping young people discern God's will for their lives. He says the issue of discernment "is one of the greatest problems we have with priestly formation at the moment."

"In formation we are used to formulas, black and white, but not to the gray of daily life," says the pontiff. "And what counts is life, not the formulas."

"We must grow in discernment," he continues. "The logic of black and white can lead to caustic abstraction. Instead, discernment means going beyond the gray of life according to the will of God."

"And you look for the will of God following the true doctrine of the Gospel and not in the fixations of an abstract doctrine," says Francis."

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special words for natural human variation

This article has tranferred to 'dyspraxia', one of a number of short briefing documenst on establishment psycho-bunk or psychobabble.

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