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more taxes, of course (for the environment) - happy new year froggie style

January 1st, 2018

Diesel tax rises by 10%.
Postage stamps up by 10% - think of the paper that will save!

Second excuse after the environment, making diesel prices match petrol prices. This after decades of trying to force the French market onto diesel, and succeeding to a major degree.

Now the French government wants to force the motoring market onto electric. Tto achieve this, the worst of the eco-evangelists hope to wipe out nuclear generation, the cleanest safest known fuel source, and which presently provides around 70% of French electricity. The intermediate dream is to achieve 50% only of nuclear power.

To produce electricity from filthy fossil fuels is approximately 40% efficient.

"The weighted average generating efficiency for all countries together in 2011 is 35% for coal, 48% for natural gas, 40% for oil-fired power generation and 38% for fossil power in general. " [Quoted from, p.4]

In other words, electricity derived from (transportable) oil products produces less than half the motive force as the same oil product used more directly. Remember, electricity from solar, wind or even wate is frequently dependent on weather conditions and further requires effective storage facilities. The sun does not shine at night, the wind does not blow all the time.

Just think of all the pollution that will saved by putting filthy fossil fuels through a conversion process to electricity before using it in transport propulsion!

In contrast, the USA is so fortunate to have a numerate president in place of Obama or Hilliary.

Snowflakes will accelerate anthropogenic global warming, not defer it, let alone reduce it.

In the same manner, socialist regimes have forced much industry to inefficient and backward Asian countries. There, it takes about five to ten times the energy to produce a tonne of product than in the advanced West. At the same time, Western societies boast that their own pollution has fallen. It has, because they are producing less!

Only a socialist could believe such lunacy!

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