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the earth moved - for france

during the World Cup football on 15th July.

Seismic recordings, Strasbourg, 15th July 2018
Seismic recordings, Strasbourg, 15th July 2018 [See end note for translation.]

"First side effect of the final: an overall attenuation of seismic noise, associated with a reduction in car traffic throughout the match. Second consequence: Griezmann, Pogba, Mbappé... at each goal, when the fans catch fire, the crowd's movements draw peaks on the seismometer recordings. After the final whistle, the peak is even twice as large as the previous ones!

" "I had already been able to observe similar signals in Clermont-Ferrand during the European Rugby Cup final in 2017," explains the seismologist. But this is the first time we've seen it nationwide!" From stations in urban centres to those in remote areas, fan leaps have been recorded all over France. But be careful not to be mistaken: these vibrations are not the same as those caused by an earthquake :

" "It's not equivalent to an earthquake, the frequencies are different and the motion is extremely weak." "
[Jérôme Vergne, seismologist at the School and Earth Sciences Observatory in Strasbourg.]

This phenomenon was not just observed in France. The following graph shows seismic readings in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, France's opponents in the football World Cup final.

Seismic activity in Zagreb (and Strasbourg) on 15 July 2018
Seismic activity in Zagreb (and Strasbourg) on 15 July 2018

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end note

  1. Seismic energy registered on 15th July 2018 (relative to that of 8th July) in the frequence band of 2-3Hz at 74 stations of the French seismology network (see map). We observe
    1) a lowering of seismic energy during all the duration of the match (global reduction of human activity in France) and
    2) peaks of energy at each goal by the French team and at the final whistle, probably linked to the movemrnts of the crowd (jumps) in the different gathering places.

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