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trade tax - protecting eu member states

A parcel arrived in France from the UK. On behalf of the Customs, the French Post Office (La Poste) charged 37€ taxes:

La Poste tax reminder

The postage on the parcel is £13, the goods' value is £12. The customs label is marked 'gift'.

Postage Customs declaration

The post lady said it's an aberration, it's because the sorting service machinery does not read the customs labels.

So, after finding the relevant Douane (customs) rules for the post lady, she printed a form for signing, and then the parcel was handed over.

"I declare to have received a present from an individual with a value of less than 49€.
"I certify that the above information is correct and I acknowledge that in the case that the information given is found to be incorrect, I acknowledge that I am responsible for the amount owing and the Post Officeis entitled to proceed to its recovery ."




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