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agent cob, the labour party and anti-semitism

why agent cob is just fine with anti-semitsm

In the Labour Party are many old fogies like Agent COB. They have learned nothing since they joined the Cult fifty or more years ago. Any need to think, the Cult replaces with rules and dogmas. Part of the dogma is 'the rich Jew'. Studying Islam would require mental work and study.

The Cultist confuses 'race' with religion. The internationalist sector of the Cult hate the nation. Thus, anyone against Britain must be an ally.

They get very confused by Jews ever since their Moscow masters got into a fight against their nationalist fellow religionists during WW2.
Just imagine a person raised in patriotism in the UK, and then Stalin fought nationalists in Germany with Stalinist nationalism!

It is all very confusing for those with little minds. Such minds inevitably seek certainties and simplisms. When the world becomes more complicated they revert to on/off 'logic'. It is almost a matter of chance which 'rules' they turn to in times of confusion and conflict;

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agent cob is becoming the british le pen

Uneducated people who fall for the 'far right' shrieks and fakery of the fascist 'New' Labour Party and Groaniad etc. have never been taken seriously by those who know the real history of fascism/socialism.

It has always been obvious that the French Front National (now Rassemblement National) is a leftist party, with added anti-semitism, as was Nazism.

While racism and anti-semitism has a very long history in the Labour Party, which has tried to hide those elements from the public, the Party is now becoming even more blatant and extreme than previously. It is being so blatant that now the fossil media can no longer hide it and remain even plausible.

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on incitement

Society is starting to extend the definition of incitement to include 'hate crimes' as psychology progresses and we realise that bullying, and dishonest negative rhetoric, statistically bring a proportion of the emotionally immature to violent/thoughtless actions.

Thus, it is not just sticks and stones that cause broken bones, but leaders, of course, have known that since ancient times.

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is agent cob, a.k.a. jeremy corbyn, anti-semitic?
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is agent cob, a.k.a. jeremy corbyn, anti-semitic?

To start here are links to two recent examples of Agent Cob's attitude:

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The Balfour Declaration, 2 November 1917
"His Majestys Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

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"Britain was given a mandate for Palestine, with the aim of fulfilling the Balfour Declaration. But Winston Churchill was also negotiating with Arab leaders about their demands for land, and so he had the details redrafted: Britain was no longer obliged to foster a Jewish state east of the Jordan River. At the same time, Britain also surrendered land in the north of Palestine, handing it to France, which had been given a mandate for Lebanon.

"The upshot was that in 1921 the land east of the Jordan River – forming 75 percent of Palestine – was hived off as Transjordan. It was meant to be temporary, to provide a haven for Abdullah, one of the Arabian princes at war with each other" [Quoted from]

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In the countries around Israel, Jews have been persecuted using the excuse of Israel's existence. In contrast, Israel has taken in arabs - the arab population of Israel is 20%.

Arab countries, who have huge relative populations, have tried driving Israelis into the sea, and kept losing.

The productive and creative output of the whole arab world is trivial. Their countries are invariably run as backward dictatorships.

Israel is an advanced democracy.

There is no genuine problem with Israel.

There are more Muslims in the UK than in Israel. Fascist 'New' Labour has long been courting them.
Many states have long wanted Middle East oil.

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