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on trump - incompetent or capable?

(Following the recent publication of a book by Michael Wolff critical of the POTUS,
responding to points raised by a correspondent.)

Is he a genius, then?

I have seen a large number of definitions of genius. By several, he would be. For instance, Donald Trump is clearly far brighter than Obama or Hillary Clinton.
Note that many among the media idiocracy worship such empty vessels as these two.

There are those that believe that they will be thought to be 'a genius' because they pretend to a Mensa badge and an 'A' level! Genius requires more than being able to pass tests.

I reckon Trump is at least in the 150+ IQ range. That makes him no Einstein, but also no slouch by any judgement.

Here is analysis I wrote almost exactly a year ago:
compare and contrast: two current presidents of the usa (2016/7)

A very large number of sources would claim 150 IQ ( to 16 s.d.) to be 'genius' level. Incidentally, I would not, others must make their own assessments and judgements. However, Donald Trump is certainly very exceptional in his chosen arena.

A qualifier, although Trump has many personality flaws which should really disqualify him from holding office, he has also been following some good policies to protect and enrich the American people - for which he was elected.

Trump is doing what he said he would do, and he is getting real results in the real world.

The British media concentrate on his personality flaws, as do a lot of the virtue-signalling Left, so they miss where he is delivering on his election commitments and any good things he is doing. Instead they focus on his manner, but in the way that the British press always do, preferring the tittle-tattle of personality politics. And, Trump with his thin skin, certainly gives them plenty of ammunition.

I see no 'thin skin'.

He is daring to confront the lying Left. As someone said, they don't like it up 'em!

Meanwhile, the Left are absolutely desperate to shut him down by their usual tactic of character assassination.

The more Trump winds them up, the more hysterical the Left become, and that exposes their vulnerable under-belly.

I don't care what Lefties think.

I do. They destroy people and societies; and the real fools vote for them and their lies.

Donald Trump is doing a brilliant communications job, but then he is one of the best at it on the planet.

Well, he has even neutrals laughing at him at the moment - not because of what Wolff wrote, but because of Trump's response.

When fools observe the wisdom of the wise, they laugh and call it luck.

Are you saying that:-
"but he really shouldn't be saying that because it will offend the snowflakes and the pseudo-intellectuals"?
That he really should pretend to be 'a man of the people', like Jeremy Corbyn in the UK? Or be a representative of the sacred womb, like Mrs Clinton?

None of those. Trump makes himself sound so stupid.

I don't agree.
He only 'sounds stupid' to tight-arsed, middle class, wannabe intellectuals.
Real people vote for him.. I strongly expect the number voting for him will increase, the more the empty heads mock and posture.

Who is interested in the hack, Wolff? They will buy the 'book' because they're interested in Trump, not because of any interest in the hack.
In a year or two, it will be remaindered and on 'sale' at Amazon for one penny. A little later on, Trump will be up for reelection.

It's a pity because it allows the media to focus on his stupidity rather than his accomplishments.

The fossil media is stuffed to the gunnels with pseudo-intellectuals who have never achieved anything of use or serious value.

Like actors, they reflect other people's lives, the lives of those who do achieve things.

Marker at abelard.org

"Trump … has more than 44 million Twitter followers and connects with millions more via Facebook and Instagram … "

"Trump has created a Twitter empire with a reach that far exceeds the combined subscriber base of the New York Times and Washington Post, and he has vastly expanded on Barack Obama’s use of a presidential Twitter feed to connect with voters."
[Quoted from victorhanson.com]

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the independence of the (fossil) media - ho-ho

In the USA,
what is missing from the following fossil media headlines?

Reports on fraud verdict:

  • Corrine Brown, ex-congresswoman, found guilty of taking money from fake charity
    CBS News

  • JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown was found guilty on Thursday of taking money from a charity that was purported to be giving scholarships to poor students.
  • Corrine Brown
    Corrine Brown stoic leaving court after being found guilty of fraud, corruption charges
    First Coast News

  • Ex-Rep. Corrine Brown guilty on fraud, tax evasion charges
    Fox News

  • Local Source:
    Jury hits Corrine Brown: Guilty on 18 of 22 charges.

And to which political party does Corinne Brown belong? The Democrats.

For comparison, here is another political news item reported by different fossil media:

  • Washington Post
    FBI raids GOP consultant over 2013 Virginia governor's race

  • ANNAPOLIS, Md. - FBI agents raided the office of a Republican consulting firm in Maryland in connection with an investigation into the 2013 Virginia governor's race.

  • Republican Party
    FBI raids office of GOP consulting firm in Maryland
    The Hill (blog)

  • FBI raids office of Republican campaign consultant in Annapolis
    Baltimore Sun

  • Highly Cited: FBI searches Annapolis GOP fundraising firm

Note that Corinne Brown was found guilty of felonies (major crimes) and will probably end up in jail for many years, yet nowhere is her political association mentionied.
On the other hand, the Republican event is merely an investigation but each headline includes the party association.
(This is can be seen daily on google news aggregations - for Corinne Brown; for Virginia governor's race investigation.)

Marker at abelard.org

Meanwhile, in the UK:

A lightweight on the UK TV programme 'This week' was going on about Donald Trump always telling you exactly what he is thinking,
that President Trump is the most dishonest politician in the world.

Leftist pseuds are just completely floored and confused by honesty.

"Drain the swamp" is why the fossil media are in such a tizz.

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Introduction - socialism & sociology

the web address for the article above is

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