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why is israel different?

"Unfortunately, the international community does not see it this way. The reaction has moved from plain critical to outrage. Leaders from London to Montevideo, from the UN to the Vatican are falling over themselves to condemn President Trump. The reaction is both wrong-headed, misguided and, indeed, dangerous. You can’t help wondering why it is that the Jewish State is singled out in this way, given the ongoing atrocities in countries like Syria and Myanmar that have not received the same reaction. What other country on earth has its own choice of capital city questioned? What moral right does any other country have to dictate to Israel where it chooses its Capital? The outrageous thing about this whole episode is that it is so controversial in the first place."
[Quoted from commentcentral.co.uk]

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Houthis are firing missiles into Saudi Arabia:

"Saudi bombing of Yemen since 2015 has killed more than 10,000 people and led to a devastating humanitarian crisis. More than 20 million people are in needed of humanitarian assistance and cholera outbreaks have killed more than 2,000."
[Quoted from independent.co.uk]

Ii see no organised 'outrage' from 'the world community'.

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Introduction - socialism & sociology

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poker-faced putin cannot be trusted

The notion that anything Vladimir Putin says is worth listening to is a form of self-delusion. The recent action of President Trump, targetting a Syrian Airfield withTomahawk missiles, is the only language Putin comprehends.

Now, is Putin bright enough to realise he only has the options of either talking sense and discussing problems, or trying to gamble by escalating against a far superior power

Russia is a backward oil exporter, and the West (particularly the USA) is replacing oil with fracking. Oil revenues have sunk like a stone, and Putin has been trying to re-establish cartel prices with the Middle East. And he/they are failing. This is putting both lots in a dreadful bind. Meanwhile, can one trust that the Islam-based partners are not extremists?

Most of the American founders had run from religious extremists in Europe, and the USA has a constitution that assert religious freedom. This is part of why Donald Trump is having problems vetting those from that region.

Socialism is a more dangerous extremism, hence the attempts of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama et al. to undermine reliigious freedoms.

Putin hates Islam, but wants power. The West fears Islam and wants to secure cheap oil.

This is not the infant playground, the West do not want the primitives to have Winchesters. The ayatollahs and that mad fat kid in North Korea want to play with rockets and nukes.

The world is a rough place, playing footsie with fundies of any type is lunacy. [See Socialism and appeasement.]

Let's hope that Putin is sane. We can negotiate with sane people pursuing their interests. We cannot negotiate with madmen.

As long as this is about power, we know the 'rules'.
Socialists are mad, so are jihadis. You cannot negotiate with madmen. You have to contain them.

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Introduction - socialism & sociology

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democracy lost in britain (and the usa)?

Let me try to make it simple. (You can change the names of the communities and political parties as you wish, or even the number.)

There are three communities.

Two work hard and produce much wealth. They are called S.E. England, and S.W. England.
The third community is subsidised by all that wealth and is called Wales.

There are 2 million people in each of the first two communities, and 6 million in the third.

There are two parties - the Workers' Party, known as the Tories, and the Parasite Party, known as Fascist (New Politics) Labour.

The English areas, of course, both vote for the Tories.

But Wales always votes for the Parasite Party, which continually 'promises' to take the money from the English areas and give it to the Wales area.

Strangely, Wales always votes for Fascist (New Politics) Labour.

But each area has one representative in the parliament of 3 repressentatives. It's so unfair 4 million outvote 6 million.

So the Tories keep winning, and England just keeps working and getting richer, while Wales even receives some handouts, and wealthy English buy Welsh cottages from the locals and buy some slate with pictures of bucolic hills and sheep.

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end note

  1. Of course, in Wales, in fact they have more than their share of representatives, because the English want to keep the Welsh happy and do not want their cottages burned down while they're away working for the parasites.

the web address for the article above is

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