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short briefings document new! establishment psycho-bunk 7 —‘asperger’s’ and ‘autism’ 29 April
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behaviour and intelligence seeking someone to blame... 23 April
politics uk /  behaviour and intelligence  ridiculous miliband claims he could be first jewish pm, because.... 23 April
behaviour and intelligence religion increases scepticism - 'scientists' are easily depressed 22 April
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 20 April
politics uk /  socialism  New:
the communist solar system
15 April
behaviour and intelligence n.u.t. union to call for still more dumbing down 13 April
alternative energies large-scale photo-voltaic growth in the usa 10 April
science and technology a grave misunderstanding of 'science' 8 April
ecology lovelock interview 7 April
behaviour and intelligence /  politics uk  maria miller - is cameron protecting a corrupt mp? 6 April
politics uk 36% is more than 10%, and so is 76% - the gallant losers' fight 4 April
world politics /  energy  energy dependence - russia, ukraine 3 April
headlines for March 2014
world politics putin's "grave strategic blunder" 30 March
Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. New:
clermont-ferrand and agde - from volcanoes to cathedrals photo
29 March
Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. modern glass at clermont-ferrand photo 24 March
world politics /  socialism  shorty and russia - benign or rapacious? 22 March
world politics russia is a weak and dying giant 18 March
politics uk total new housing units - you wonder why housing is so expensive? photo 10 March
politics uk /  socialism  lesson in labour government management 8 March
politics uk chief entryist in labour's attempt to destroy the liberal party, 'returns' to labour... 2 March
world politics was palin able to warn obama that putin may invade ukraine - because she can see russia? 1 March
news headlines for February 2014
behaviour and intelligence recruiting for google 23 February
fun /  behaviour and intelligence  humans against government by puritans video 22 February
economics /  socialism  obamanomics in the usa, or following the example of miliband, balls and brown 20 February
 socialism  / politics uk socialist post-war view of german rearmament 19 February
ecology the floods, 20th century version photo 16 February
behaviour and intelligence rewriting memory 7 February
economics mankiw on income distribution 3 February
behaviour and intelligence on choice/option overload 2 February
January 2014 headlines
only when it's pretty updated: the rain in spain south-west france.... photo 30 January
Giro d'Italia 2013 New:
il giro d'italia 2014 - a more humane race? photo video
19 January
 socialism / politics uk new section in socialism and peace: capitalist or union warmongers? 12 January
politics uk /  behaviour and intelligence  on uk channel 4's "benefits street" 12 January
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 12 January
sums will set you free! New:
a useful tool: complete four-figure log tables
9 January
Tour de France 2014, Yorkshire and France. New:
the greatest show on earth - abelard.org's planning page
English start, French continuation

photo photo
5 January

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