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politics eu on the so-called ‘stability and growth pact’ 31 January
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politics uk are milipede and balls running occupy banking protest?
28 January
politics usa usa real gdp is again negative 
28 January
politics eu eussr fake canute postures
24 January
politics uk we’ll never get back in again unless we return to the bliar policy of lying about our intentions
18 January
politics refugees from the spanish civil war photo 14 January
politics the scorpions gathering around the iranian loons
13 January
politics eu how government is destroying wealth in europe
10 January
politics eu / economics  50€ billion here, 50€ billion there, and soon you are talking real money
9 January
behaviour and intelligence “don’t use that word” chamberlain, june 1939 30 January
behaviour and intelligence on jobs and skills
25 January
behaviour and intelligence gove: wiki approach to curriculums - is it genuine?
12 January
economics uk uk: how to destroy an economy
21 January
economics see the end of the euro photo
2 January
books and other reviews willard l. beaulac, two reviews  Four GoldenYak (tm) award Five GoldenYak (tm) award
14 January
a very special case - dividing by 0 (nothing) 12 January
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. record-breaking bridge inagurated - higher than Viaduc de Millau photo 7 January
fun why the months have the number of days they do, a short summary
1 January

Who is Barak Obama?

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