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behaviour and intelligence ideal parenthood - the world is changing, adjust 
7 February
behaviour and intelligence britain’s no. 1 jew also now attacking socialist ‘new’ labour on civil rights
4 February
politics uk brown the clown is very angry about the accusations that he gets, errm, very angry 23 February
politics uk a political quiz
17 February
politics uk head teacher driven out ... for educating pupils
11 February
politics uk school violence - half new teachers say they are not properly prepared
7 February
politics uk why isn’t gordon brown being charged?
6 February
politics uk more on socialist ‘new’ labour law and disorder
6 February
politics uk just how bad is state ‘education’ in the uk? adverts for ‘teachers’
5 February
politics usa obama lies about deficit spending
4 February
politics that mckinsey review of advanced world nations’ debt
2 February
politics usa now even amber lee doesn’t love poor old obama any more
1 February
ecology present road transport highest climate forcer, industry lowest - allegedly
22 February
ecology still more irresponsibility by filthy fossil fuel industry
20 February
ecology  hockey sticks and all that,
new section in dendroclimatology briefing document
18 February
ecology glacial global warming roundup
9 February
fun sweet russian cartoon film
22 February
france extensively updated: Ile de France, Paris: in the context of Abelard and of French cathedrals
  being developed 
19 February

Ile de France, Paris: in the context of Abelard and of French cathedrals
  being developed 

17 February
france updated, with more photos: where Pierre Abelard taught: Sainte Geneviève and Saint Etienne, Paris 13 February
health zapping mossies: how to curb, if not eliminate, malaria
16 February
logic and programming computers, part of writing down sets and set logic equations
15 February
examples: tautology, contradiction, contingency, part of writing down sets and set logic equations
14 February
writing down sets and set logic equations
10 February
development finished!
how to teach your child number arithmetic mathematics - understanding sets and set logic
2 February
economics on the ever increasing tensions caused by ever closer union and by the euro
14 February
economics the problem with huge government debt
2 February
news-lite star wars a step closer
14 February
news-lite alleged end of ‘cleaning’ gunge incorporated
9 February
Who is Barak Obama?
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