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politics if only hillary were president - speech to un hrc
28 February
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politics so, un finally gets its finger out and declares gaddafti and cronies, outlaw, while cameron sends in military
27 February
politics uk some of the links between gaddafti, fascist ‘new’ labour and the fabian-driven lse
26 February
politics usa ray stevens on the tsa (transportation security agency)
24 February
politics the increasing basket case in the middle east - or should that be empty basket case
21 February
politics gaddafi - yet another hero of socialism turns to mass murder
20 February
politics uk outline of cameron’s reform of dole systems
17 February
politics uk destruction of jobs by the minimum wage
17 February
politics usa munich 2? hillary wants talks with muslim brotherhood
6 February
politics usa hanson: obama’s 1979 moment
3 February
politics uk red ed wants socialist/fascist ‘new’ labour to return to its fabian roots
3 February
politics  democracy in the caliphate
2 February
behaviour and intelligence “to keep the accountability police at bay” - how does an educator keep these union boors at bay?
27 February
behaviour and intelligence innumerate fossil media in full cry - cost of christchurch earthquake
23 February
behaviour and intelligence chinese know those perfidious brits are lying
15 February
science and technology updated: large earthquake in nz christchurch - more damage than last time
22 February
france angélique de niort / niort angelica 21 February
motorway aires: Poitou-Charente, A10 - the heart of Vendee
 beta release 
19 February
the breakaway, part of cycling tactics 11 February
fun super smart sumptuous limousines 
9 February
news-lite /  science  alleged link between swine flu vaccine, a gene and narcolepsy
8 February
binary for computers, it’s all ones and noughts 7 February
il Giro d’Italia 2011 - Italian unity Tour 1 February

Who is Barak Obama?

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