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Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. substantially updated: modern stained glass photo 28 February
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Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. Laon cathedral - updated and expanded photo 19 February
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. new! le mans and bourges cathedrals - medieval space technology photo 10 February
socialist news service:
haircuts by order photo,
job-seeking technique not for socialists
27 Febuary
politics broadcast on george orwell 9 February
politics uk trusting socialists is not wise - nhs inquiry 7 February
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 22 February
civil liberties ten interesting questions - why juries are needed 21 February
economics / politics uk  uk economy - the current situation, february 2013 12 February
economics / politics  is china’s growth sustainable? 3 February
economics on work reduction for negative income tax, 1981 2 February
behaviour and intelligence the pope resigns - who to follow? 11 February
behaviour and intelligence google’s reading level gadget exposes british literacy levels photo 7 February
behaviour and intelligence michael gove following abelard’s education programme? 6 February
ecology lovelock rages againt watermelons and their windmills 2 February

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