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headlines for April 2012


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ecology processionary caterpillars photo 30 April
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three years since the whirlwind 29 April
teams for the 99th tour de france announced 10 April
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. update on using radar detectors and gps in france 9 April
fun another brilliant socialist with a mind of someone else video 27 April
fun Posters for the 2012 French presidential elections photo 22 April
politics uk on the uk double dip 25 April
politics socialism at ‘work’ - more allende 23 April
politics uk attempts to limit charitable giving is another government power grab 16 April
politics uk we need the votes of the unthinking says ‘new’ labour 10 April
politics usa obama continues on his desperate attempt to buy the november election with borrowed money 10 April
politics uk uk ‘hysteria’ at the fuel pump 1 April


19 April
news-lite water from air? photo 19 April
behaviour and intelligence why did you riot? 17 April
science and technology weighing a proton photo 2 April
short briefing document updated and expanded:
infant mortality and longevity statistics
1 April

Who is Barak Obama?

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