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TDF 2012 cav’s priority - the olympics, not the green jersey 28 June
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TDF 2012 the summer of steep slopes 28 June
TDF 2012 all the team jerseys for 2012 photo 26 June
TDF 2012 this year’s top ten seeded riders 13 June
politics egypt muslim wins by 800,000; 800,000 votes invalidated; obama welcomes 800,000 illegal immigrants 25 June
politics eu another step to eussr elimination of national independence 6 June
science and technology a hundred years of a.m. turing 23 June
science and technology quiz question: what is the tallest free standing structure in the uk? photo 7 June
behaviour and intelligence interesting social history - william talman (hamilton burger) 16 June
behaviour and intelligence now we’re rid of the bliar gang we can get back to educating 11 June
economics 5 billion a month looks horribly like an opening door to fannie may 15 June
economics updated: ho ho ho €40 billion; ho ho €400 billion; €4 trillion - maybe 15 June
economics am i richer or poorer? 12 June
economics ho ho ho €40 billion; ho ho €400 billion; €4 trillion - maybe 10 juin
economics the slow-motion crash that is the euro 4 June
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated:
current fuel prices in france
4 June

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