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politics the legacy of bliar and the clown - always talk, always spin, always lies
politics hanson on jihadis and the middle east
politics giuliani on energy independence - t.a.s.
politics from our very special correspondent - the clown is to spend billions on id cards, cameras and more dole
politics iraq progress map update - t.a.s.
politics government, god, and flooding - as the jet stream moves north, the clown ‘plans’ to build still more on the flood plains
politics the clown’s ‘open’ government - ads criticising the clown forced out
politics pace says we’re winning, ban ki-moon says think before you withdraw - t.a.s.
politics updated: old.new.old fiddles while the oil runs out
politics villepin likely to face criminal trial - isn’t that a shame?
politics fossil media on the other side - t.a.s.
politics threat levels
politics risk of great depression after ‘credit spree’ says bis - reality not theory
science and technology and now computers creeping up on poker players
science and technology standard chess board draughts/checkers solved - chess next?
science and technology bletchley park opening computing museum
france aires on the autoroute of two seas - the A62
france rasmussen excluded from his team - so now out of the tour
france motorway aires: the aire of garonne on the a62 motorway
france here cometh the miracle of the tour: the tour de france 2007
france motorway aires: a green haven - aire de dunes, A62
fun fun medley: tubular building, self-recycling and ‘criminal’ snogging - xavier
fun learning about computers the hard way - and much more J
fun flying deckchair - this time successful
fun skoda and the tour de france
fun in london? go see the start of the greatest show on earth this saturday
fun on uk terrorists and opinions from some inhabitants of the united kingdom
ecology benedict pope on enviroment and evolution
ecology don’t worry, .it isn’t happening - thousands of idiots signed a petition, 50 million flies can’t be wrong
ecology urban myth: hummers versus prius - energy accounts, manufacture and running carbon costs
ecology updated: it’s the sun what done it - oh no it isn’t!
ecology china would “proactively participate” in global talks on climate change - meanwhile, the opression of free expression continues
ecology consumption is a relative term
ecology it’s the sun what done it - oh no it isn’t!
ecology saving the planet - americans have run out of water and can’t afford taps!
ecology the melting of glaciers
ecology on the deadly toll of fossil fuel filth - 700,000 deaths a year in china alone
behaviour and intelligence i cain’t say no
behaviour and intelligence on attention and concentration
behaviour and intelligence on ‘empathy’
behaviour and intelligence updated: on errors of reasoning - some invented categories
behaviour and intelligence on errors of reasoning, including wanting closure and making assumptions
behaviour and intelligence babies behave dishonestly before they can talk
the world of fundamentalism old loonie threatens the uk
economics live earth concert - increasing or reducing carbon footprints?
book and other reviews on the new iphone from apple
alternative energies filthy texas seeking to move into wind generation - big-time
alternative energies bush and putin offer the world nuclear power
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