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abelard is transferring ger. The herds are moving on to the summer pastures.

Consequently, this news service will be reduced until abelard and abelard’s yaks
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politics useful insight article on iraq Three GoldenYak(tm) award
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politics freedom/dictatorship tensions come steadily into the open
politics ‘right’ to privacy, the american constitution and state power
politics seems the vatican does not learn fast
politics focusing the war against the jihadi cults
ecology bananas under threat of extinction
ecology improving understanding of forestry optimisation
ecology bird numbers in UK change with global warmingThree and half GoldenYak (tm) award
ecology every radio-active cloud has a silver bio-diverse lining!
ecology pollution: home-cooking v. store-produced meals
ecology mars: red to brown to blue
ecology the desert of iceland
ecology there is no global warming - population is no problem - please do not worry!
news-lite al-q in the 1990s [politics]
news-lite supersonic transport testing
news-lite harnessing algae to transport loads!
news-lite crocodile immune system
news-lite childhood leukemia and pollution
news-lite space radiation could prohibit travel to mars and beyond
news-lite another step to robot-controlled cars
news-lite act now or regret later: pope and lomborg discussion [ecology]
ethics another desperate problem for christianist fundies
fun i felt the holy spirit come upon me - islington religionism
fun the elements - animation (no socialists please)
fun intelligent falling theory set to replace gravity in american education
the world of fundamentalism the madman of turkmenistan
france motorway aires - Port-Lauragais, A61
energy attacking oil dependence in your garage
behaviour and intelligence oxford logic meets bliar's socialist irrationalism
behaviour and intelligence steyn on ‘equality’ - worth reading
behaviour and intelligence inequality in society
behaviour and intelligence and about time too - british education appears at last to be modernising
book and other reviews review of book on ‘family’
book and other reviews “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.”
briefing document new: ‘cocksure young men’
science global warming, recent advances in air temperature measurements
health interesting comments on anti-malarial dual treatments and subsidies
economics corruption and ‘aid’ - the african dance of death Three GoldenYak (tm) award
one-liner link more problems with the shuttle discovery, due to return 8 aug
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