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politics usa roosevelt did not ‘end the depression’ 30 September
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politics brilliant speech to the un by cameron while obama whines and bows 26 September
politics uk on ed milliband 23 September
politics usa / economics on schiff video 16 September
politics uk increasing tax damages recovery, reducing expenditure leads to recovery - who knew! graph/diagram included 13 September
politics tories take over in the uk, obama continues to wreck the usa economy - the difference a year makes 6 September
politics usa ‘democrats’ are lying, about gdp, about ‘recovery’, about tax 6 September
politics uk/economics tax, tax, it’s all hidden tax 5 September
politics uk david davis speech - “i still wish i was pm” 3 September
behaviour and intelligence i’ve only just realised!
“it’s not your fault” is another attempt at infantilisation
29 September
ecology anthropogenic global warming continues not to be happening faster still 20 September
book and other reviews /  science and technology updated book review: the social conquest of the earth by e.o. wilson 19 September
science and technology photographing molecules and bonds photo 16 September
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. saint-bertrand-de-comminges - the cathedral of the pyrenees photo 10 September
economics euro meltdown continues 8 September
economics raising GDP does not necessarily improve your life 7 September
economics bernanke suggests economic triggers on money printing in place of human judgement 1 September

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