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behaviour and intelligence the realities of the uk government child kidnapping system - read it!
31 October
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behaviour and intelligence birbalsingh goes blogging at eton on behalf of the smellygraph - responsibility
26 October
behaviour and intelligence sure start error in tory policy
20 October
book and other reviews final update: “bought and paid for” - gasparino on obama Five GoldenYak (tm) award
read 2 comments
29 October
fun “call me senator”
27 October
fun  the definitive psychology of a cat
24 October
fun ‘vice squad’ to be renamed ‘bad persons contingency man-caused naughtiness operations’
24 October
fun interview with british ‘admiral’ - not to be missed
19 October
fun obama sings - must view
16 October
fun all must have prizes, or how to sell 2p worth of metal for 50p, or...
14 October
fun  so who’s the pseudoscientific fraud? - the fossil media strikes again
13 October
economics the deliberate intentions of sub-prime, the history of the current usa ‘depression’
27 October
economics debt, inflation, money and power
24 October
economics is china trying to start economic warfare? 
21 October
economics  on the stories of currency wars
11 October
economics systems instability - on high speed computerised trading
3 October
politics food market prices back under pressure
27 October
politics hanson on world politics
26 October
politics uk institute of fiscal studies touting political leftism, not economics
22 October
politics usa updated: sacked for telling the truth - admitting passengers dressed as muslims on a ’plane make him nervous
22 October
politics uk guido gets another ‘scoop’ - bbc is biased
21 October
politics usa sacked for telling the truth - admitting passengers dressed as muslims on a ’plane make him nervous
21 October
politics uk state ‘education’ - uk style
17 October
politics uk rip-off britain - new world-record tunnel
15 October
politics uk deputy head - a marxist mugged by reality
9 October
france ips sexdentatus - the scourge after the cyclone 23 October
ecology plane crashes kill one-tenth the number killed by planes
19 October
Architectural wonders and joys at abelard.org hoover dam canyon bridge opened 15 October
science and technology replacing human car drivers with competent computers - in a street near you
quadratic equations, model answers 5 October

Who is Barak Obama?

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