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Tour de France 2013 new!
the tour de france, 2013 - the centenary year!
route and other useful and interesting details
photo graph/diagram included
31 October
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economics new section: government/tax elements on gdp 30 October
economics how is gdp calculated 28 October
economics just some of the flaws with gdp 25 October
economics /  politics usa  raising GDP does not necessarily improve your life - hidden and delayed taxation 16 October
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 29 October

the horse chestnuts at bushy park - the modern world intrudes, 2012 photo

28 October
ecology /  book and other reviews new! there she blows! striking oil photo 11 October
behaviour and intelligence socialism is a creed of the effete middle class says groaniad 27 October
behaviour and intelligence / sums denying agw - a couple of amusing graphs graph/diagram included 18 October
behaviour and intelligence socialism is a religion 5 October
politics usa faked up gdp numbers for the usa for impending election 26 October
politics usa / book and other reviews  american ‘justice’ - conrad black 24 October
politics usa romney as comedian at al smith dinner - edgy and amusing video 19 October
politics after 50 years, people are now allowed to escape from the cuban people’s paradise 19 October
politics usa vp debate: watching intrade with fascination during and after biden made a right arse of hisself 13 October
politics usa 1st presidential debate: obama drops from over 71% to under 65% graph/diagram included 4 October
book and other reviews mismeasuring our lives: why gdp doesn't add up
by Joseph E. Stiglitz
25 October
civil liberties cameron confronting the eussr by steps 23 October
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. new! auch cathedral choir and stalls photo 20 October
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. new! cathedrals and cloisters of france
by elise whitlock rose
2 October
oil / ecology / energy  new! captain scapegoat mangouras and the prestige oil spill
photo video
17 October
health caring for dementia ‘patients’ - wear red, use orange plates! 10 October
fun 325 million hits video 1 October

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