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politics uk woolf report on fabian/marxist lse 
30 November
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politics eu euro zone: too big to fail?
29 November
politics m.e. iranian nutters peeved to be shut out of london money markets
28 November
politics usa gop candidates: gingrich moves to front runner
24 November
politics eu two years jail for truth telling by order of the eussr
21 November
politics uk socialism - uk government ‘teacher’ unions want to strike for more money
16 November
politics eu bringing in the arsonists to put out the euro fire
15 November
politics 21 countries, 44% of global trade, 40% of world population - the usa looks east
13 November
politics m.e. ever growing pressure on socialist regime in syria - bush freedom policy continues to play out in the middle east
12 November
politics uk on murdoch questioning by parliamentary committee
11 November
politics other people’s money - moral hazard
6 November
politics /   economics   more fantasy banking - 29 alleged credit-anstalts
5 November
politics cuban communist revisionist traitors become capitalist roader running dogs
4 November
politics eu it’s a tragedy - the greeks are being asked what they want to do

1 November

ecology global warming is a myth - don’t worry, be happy
30 November
ecology /  science and technology  eat real fish!
28 November
ecology five years, that’s all we’ve got - non-return point for global warming
from xavier
23 November
economics capitalism without bankruptcy is like catholicism without hell
27 November
economics eu will spain’s right wing have the cajones to dump the euro?
21 November
economics could the euro chaos bring down the german economy?
20 November
economics buffet plunging into the stock market, big time
10 November
economics will the efsf fund need its own bailout? video
7 November
economics the dangerous economic delusions of france and germany
4 Novemebr
fun all i do is dream of you video
27 November
fun  what is the point?
15 November
civil liberties on the leveson inquiry
25 November
civil liberties was guido silenced at whittingdale committee? video
15 November
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: comparative road fuel prices in france and the uk 19 November
book and other reviews boomerang by michael lewis Four GoldenYak (tm) award 
17 November
il giro d’italia 2012 - the need for speed video 14 November
behaviour and intelligence looney left protesting capitalism
9 November
The Tour de France, 2012 now announced photo 8 November
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. cathedral giants - Beauvais photo 1 November

Who is Barak Obama?

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