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world of fundamentalism the reconquista photo 30 November
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civil liberties occam’s razor - how to deal with leveson and his star chamber 29 November
short briefings documents new!
the myth of islamic tolerance in al-andalus
 beta release 
27 November
behaviour and intelligence freedom of religion, 1220 - now incorporated in the myth of islamic tolerance in al-andalus 25 November
behaviour and intelligence give and take 22 November
behaviour and intelligence islam - ‘good’ or ‘bad’? the ‘scientific’ view video 5 November
Giro d'Italia 2013 the classification jerseys for the 2013 giro photo 25 November
Giro d'Italia 2013 the 2013 giro d’italia - the fight for pink! photo videograph/diagram included 14 November
politics uk multiculturalism generates foolish factionalism 24 November
politics uk leveson, gove, boris and press freedom 22 November
politics /  economics  socialists are lying about taxing the rich 15 November
politics eu socialist hollande forced into fundamental u-turn 9 November
polutics eu vee haf ways of makink you obey 8 November
politics usa the last push as seen by canada 3 November
health / france deer ticks: what they are, and what to do photo 18 November
fun marital bliss? 18 November
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 17 November
economics imputations (part of how gdp is calculated) 12 Novemebr
economics usa the terrible plight of america’s poor-2007/8 8 November
ecology anthropogenic-driven climate change 11 November
ecology international diseases and changing climate threaten uk trees 1 November

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