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politics updated and expanded, including book reviews
franco was not a fascist
30 December
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politics eu germany, the world’s richest beggar
20 December
politics eu the morning after the night before
10 December
politics eu what we, the uk, are outside of
11 December
politics eu what just happened in the eu
9 December
politics europe churchill in parliament, 24 may 1944, on spain - before policy changed to appease socialist russia
8 December
politics eu the slow motion implosion of the euro continues
6 December
politics eu guests at the euro christmas party
4 December
politics eu tie a knot in that without moving - sarkozy sermonises
1 December
politics usa newt gingrich - the end of obama? video
1 December
news-lite lab version of airborne bird flu claimed - population problems solved
27 December
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. the stained glass at amiens photo 22 December
economics ecb goes deep into quantitative easing (inflating the money supply)
21 December
economics euro still shipping water
7 December
economics another piddling fine for bank fraud
5 December
ecology plant a frankincense tree for christmas photo
21 December
ecology there is no global warming - greenland is rising!
13 December
ecology some sobering realities with global warming computer modelling for localised areas
12 December
fun socialists never stop lying  photo
20 December
fun i see hotpoint are now using hydrothermal technology
13 December
fun usa designed the eussr flag over 200 years ago
3 December
behaviour and intelligence on the succession of girls 
19 December
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. seven years and counting - highest, longest : the viaduc de millau 14 December
civil liberties is this the end of another fascist ‘new’ labour outrage?
7 December

Who is Barak Obama?

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