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New translation, the Magna Carta

how socialists lie

the problems with socialism

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how socialists lie is one of a number of documents analysing dysfunctional social, or group, behaviour in modern society.
abelard describes their various obfuscations and verbal slights of hand .
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Introdution - socialism & sociology
sociology - the structure of analysing belief systems

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the ways socialists lie

  • By 'trashing' the person - a form of distraction.

  • Using a false assumption in questions posed, or replies made.

    The Goebbels and Piven methods of lying
  • Repeating a lie over and over again until it is widely believed.
  • Telling a big enough lie.
    e.g. the British banks caused the 2008 recession n Britain.
    e.g. Labour wzs the origin of the NHS.

    Sorrell method:
  • Bringing up a myth to radicalise people and prepare for wae=r.


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