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headlines for August 2009

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science and technology 31 August
science and technology 2 August
book and other reviews 31 August
ecology 28 August
politics uk 27 August
politics/  health   22 August
politics/  health   21 August
politics usa/  health   19 August
politics/  health   19 August
politics 18 August
politics uk 15 August
politics 9 August
politics uk 1 August
26 August
20 August
10 August
3 August
2 August
alternative energies yet again, nuclear irrationality slows human progress
where pierre abelard taught: sainte genevieve and saint etienne, paris  beta release 
fun what’s better than one baby panda?
from the auroran sunset
fun an alternative to ritalin?
fun is it the bbc ‘reporting’, or is it the onrush of scientific doctors of medical science?
civil liberties another socialist ‘new’ labour move to outlaw cooperation
economics the car scrappage scheme is not a economic success
behaviour and intelligence if you can’t have baybees ...
behaviour and intelligence
Who is Barak Obama?
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