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headlines for October, November & December 2013


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Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. much updated!
cathedral plans, and facts - now with west front images photo photo
29 December
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politics uk /  socialism  fabianism, the enemy within - the fabian basis 19 December
politics uk /  socialism 

mandela, the long walk to a myth - is there any such thing as a socialist who tells the truth?

10 December
science and technology would you like to french kiss a flower my dear? photo 17 December
science and technology the fastest horse on earth - with added stealth technology 1 December
behaviour and intelligence /  socialism  feeling good about heroes 11 December
behaviour and intelligence /  socialism  socialist cake and tory cakes 8 December
fun amazon deliveries by drone -the result? photo 3 December
headlines for November 2013
behaviour and intelligence /  socialism  new pope's first real encyclical 29 November
behaviour and intelligence more sane approach to the grammar school ideology 28 November
behaviour and intelligence / socialism  who owns the child? offsted socialist wants to snatch children of the ‘poor’ ever earlier 5 November
behaviour and intelligence the c-grade culture and low expectations 3 November
book and other reviews /  socialism  reviewed: the servile state by hilaire belloc 25 November
oil / ecology / energy  stop press! captain mangouras acquitted - trial result 13 November
politics uk /  socialism  new page: socialism and warm feelings 20 November
politics - world white house weaklings desperate for a photo op with iran - "a sucker's deal" 13 November
politics - world the dictator's club votes for protectors of your 'human rights' 13 November
politics uk /  socialism  mini-quiz: minimum wages - when, who, what 11 November
ecology human activity sends greenhouse gases to new highs 8 November
economics / socialism  distributism 5 November
economics / politics eu  eussr economic wonderland 2 November
headlines for October 2013
politics uk / behaviour and intelligence 'qualifications' do not distinguish good teachers from bad, but then i'm not teaching them! 31 October
politics uk /  socialism  collectivism v. freedom, 1911 - ramsay-macdonald argues with hilaire belloc 6 October
politics uk david cameron’s speech - a good workman-like job 3 October
politics uk /  socialism  using the war to promote factional interests - days lost to strikes during ww2 1 October
 behaviour and intelligence / socialism  competent or useless - conservative or socialist 29 October
ecology breathing is dangerous 28 October
economics /  behaviour and intelligence  switzerland to vote on 2,500 franc basic monthly income 5 October

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