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headlines for november 2008

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politics usa

book and other reviews

socialism during the roosevelt depression - a book review Four GoldenYak (tm) award
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politics modern russia - 90 years of progress thanks to socialism
politics on how the left-wing spin to forward dogma
politics uk the truth about the clown’s economic mismanagement surfaces despite the accumulating sewage of socialist labour lies
politics usa
Who is Barak Obama?
“mccain is just as bad as obama”, they say - the auroran sunset
politics usa
Who is Barak Obama?
voting for obama
politics uk brown the clown is to star in a new multibillion blockbuster film - ‘carry on lying’
politics nz watching the nz election - invincy
politics nz congratulations to nz as another socialist falls
politics usa
Who is Barak Obama?
obama is the one!
politics usa george w. bush - a great man and a great president, ill-served by a dishonest leftist media and by many a shallow babbler
politics usa
Who is Barak Obama?
obama - focus on reality, so far
behaviour and intelligence aids in south africa - neglect versus care
behaviour and intelligence individual versus group survival strategies
behaviour and intelligence child‘care’ in haringey
behaviour and intelligence on ‘hypnotic’ language techniques
intelligence and behaviour when what’s sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander - national differences in child and animal care
economics greenspan on bank reserves
economics regulation, self-regulation and fraud in the us mortgage market
economics too many are still confusing the banking gum-up with recession, or worse
economics why chapter 11 bankruptcy is good for business, good for the economy and good for jobs - the auroran sunset
economics squeeze hits china - 67,000 factories close in 6 months


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

greenspan and bernanke warning against systemic problems with the ‘demo’ mess at fannie mae and freddie mac
ecology greenhouse gases - methane resumes upward trend
ecology burning coals - the fires of hell
ecology another step in the long long fight against exposure to dangerous insecticides
ecology desertification in turkey
ecology asia and spain work to cool the planet
ecology the wheel comes around - posters from ww2
ecology sea water + a greenhouse = fresh water and plants
fun an interesting second-level artist
book and other reviews useful review of an upcoming book by malcolm gladwell
business and markets greedy governments
civil liberties new service to stop police wasting our time and taxes- the speed trap con
civil liberties democrat achievements
architecture ugly attempt to compete with china olympics water sports centre
alternative energies localised nuclear power unit
alternative energies pv coating claimed to trap more energy and circumvent tracking requirements
news-lite is it a ghost? new particle seen
news-lite on the primitivity of disease genes
updated: photo enhancing -
increasing the dynamic range
politics usa
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