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politics uk cherie bliar contributes to paper recycling
30 December
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politics iran iranians continue increasing pressure on dictatorship
29 December
politics uk why does the clown go on about a moat and a duck hut? 
29 December
politics gordon the clown can’t even make the trains run on time
23 December
politics bliar admits he would have found other ways to do the right thing
13 December
politics deconstructing uk socialist pre-budget report
11 December
ecology anatomy of a tree cross-section
30 December
ecology estimating temperature via dendrochronology - recent review article
read 3 comments
20 December
ecology /   politics   agw denialist hysteria continues- on adjusting old weather station records
read 8 comments
9 December
ecology tree growth and agw
read 1 comment
5 December
behaviour and intelligence the russian creative period - the auroran sunset
21 December
behaviour and intelligence evolution and plasticity

19 December

economics first print interview with bernanke since appointment to head fed
16 December
civil liberties are men backing women’s lib in iran? men in scarves
15 December
understanding graphs and charts 12 December
fun flying saucers reported
8 December
science and technology where are those falling temperatures the deniers keep claiming?
6 December
science and technology the present stage of global temperature measurement
1 December
Who is Barak Obama?
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