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1853 map of Africa showing the routes of its explorers

New translation, the Magna Carta

  Routes [List of explorers and their expedition dates] The dotted box marked on the above map, near the Walfisch Bay, denotes the extent of the “map of Damara Land and the adjacent countries as explored and surveyed by Francis Galton”
  1. Bruce 1769_1772.
  2. Browne 1793_1796.
  3. Mungo Park 1795.1766.1805.
  4. Lacerda 1796.
  5. Hornemann 1799.
  6. Burckhardt 1813 & 1814.
  7. Tuckey 1816.
  8. Mollien 1818.
  9. Ritchie & Lyon 1818_1820.
  10. Oudney, Denham & Clapperton 1821_24.
  11. Clapperton and Lander 1825 & 1826.
  12. Callié 1828.
  13. Lander 1830.
  14. Allen and Oldfield 1833.
  15. Alexander 1836 & 1837.
  16. Beke 1840_1843.
  16a. G. Cumming 1843_1848
  17. Duncan 1841.
  18. Egyptian Expeditions 1835_1841.
  19. Relmann & Kraf 1847_1849.
  20. Livingstone, Oswell & Murray 1849 & 1851.
  21. Galton 1851
  22. Gassiot 1851.
  23. Richardson, Barth & Overweg 1850_1852.
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