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            the auroran sunset

Landscape watercolour paintings of the Dordogne. By Xavier.  
          Eye series
A simple shape used as the foundation to explore colour combinations, their contrasts and harmonies.  
Creations that feature eyeballs. By the auroran sunset.  
            Float Series
In this series, by careful choice of colours, I make shapes float away from the surface of the two-dimensional painting. By abelard.  
            Improving the Masters
Works derived from and influenced by various famous artists and paintings - abelard tidies up and improves the masters!  
Paintings that contain people. By abelard.  
            Reinhardt Series
Unsurprisingly, the square is a format that many modern artists have explored and tried to master - for instance Reinhardt, Stella, Anuszkiewcz, Albers. Why should I not add my efforts and commentary? I am particularly impressed with the wide range of expression available in such an apparently simple and basic foundation. The Reinhardt series uses a three-by-three grid within a three-by-three grid, similarly to Ad Reinhardt who creates grid paintings of various shades of black.  
        Shear series
Based on the shearing of rock faces, I use the shear series to explore shifts in colour and line on either side of the fault-line.  
Paintings based on Chinese tangram puzzles, abelard's own super-tangram and the colour wheel. By abelard.  
            The -Ink Series
Ink series of colour studies. The -ink series studies colours like pink which are produced by mixing a colour (for pink, the colour is red) with white. Each painting looks at colours in a particular sector of the colour wheel. By abelard.  
In a series based loosely around trees, abelard sees the colours, shapes and patterns of the organic beings called trees.  

A Random Image

Disassemble Blue-Violet by abelard and the auroran sunset

Disassemble Blue-Violet
abelard and the auroran sunset




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