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The socialism and sociology zone examines the scourge of modern Western societies
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In papal encycicals during the 19th century, Pope Pius IX (1864) and Pope Leo XIII (1878) argue against the socially and morally destructive stances promulgated by early Socialists and Communists.

Socialism's major drive is to collectivism. Collectivism is at the root and heart of statistics, which is the main method employed in sociology. Clumping individuals together without regard to their differences is fundamentally unsound, and emotionally dangerous.

Taken up by the Fabians and other early Socialists in Great Britain, behaviour and attitudes in modern society are much coloured and directed by the short-sighted, self-serving and even cowardly choices encouraged by socialism.

These behaviours are further embedded into the psyche of society by the -ology that is sociology. Sociology is collectivism writ large, with an inclination to institutionalise the attitudes of victimhood and perfect right as expressed in Fabian notions.


Socialist religions
On socialists and socialist religions, discussing intolerance, factional hatreds, some dogmas, and giving commentaries on some socialist parties

Fascism is Socialism
Fascism is socialism disabuses the received, and incorrect, notion that Fascism is'right-wing'.

Adolph/Adolf Hitler Schicklgruber - his psychology and development
The intent is to let Hitler tell you who he is himself through his own words: to focus on just who Hitler was. This is supplemented by what I regard as the cogent experiences of his youth that shaped his perceptions. Includes key references.

Socialism and warm feelings
The question is: do you want warm feelings, or do you want competence? abelard critises Socialists for putting emotion before reason. Emotionalism = short-sightedness.

German bad faith between the wars: socialism and appeasement
abelard examines the German-Russian alliance and what actually occurred with German reparations, rather than accepting the usual, but inaccurate, history.

UK socialist appeasement policy
Documenting the constant drive of the British Labour Party for a centralised Socialist state, and for disarmament and appeasement. Labour Party pamphlets and speeches tracing this drive are a major ingredient of this page.

the fake economics of cult socialism
Discussing how socialists disrupt and destroy society in order to impose a socialist empire, or even dictatorship.

the structure of the Labour Party in Britain
The essence of current Labour doublespeak that both soothes and befuddles a goodly proportion of the electorate.

the 'economics' of the new old labour nutjobs
An example of Corbynomics explained and exposed.

Labour Party pamphlets

For Socialism and Peace: the Labour
Party's Programme of Action, 1934

The words and actions of Socialists in the United Kingdom during the periods of the 1930s and after.

The Communist Solar System
Reproduced in full, this 1933 Labour Party pamphlet provides insights into the intentions and attitudes of Socialist politicians today.

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oswald mosley, britain’s very own national socialist
Mosley understood the Labour Party and its close relationship with Fascism.

socialist persecution of religion, MexicoDocumenting the attrition of catholic priests in Mexico last century by Socialist zealots. Note the similarities fo Clinton's and Obama's behaviour in the USA.


Herds and the individual - sociology, the ephemeral nature of groups
abelard on the illusions of society, where humans act as individuals while believing they are part of a wider group, or groups. This is often studied as 'sociology'.

counting beliefs : irrational beliefs - the structure of analysing belief systems
Formalising logic for sociology. The instinct to belong, to be part of a group, leads to a lack of independent thinking, and so to major foolishnesses. abelard demonstrates analytic methods to deconstruct such 'thinking'.
Includes a
worked example for understanding political and religious behaviour.

logicians, 'logic' and madness
Several famous logicians, mathematicians and philosophers are said to have become mad. Here, abelard looks at what is madness, and how it relates to academic logic.

intelligence and madness graph
Why being more than usually intelligent can be a penalty in society at large - continuing on from Logicians, 'logic' and madness.

irrational actions - analysis of behaviour
How mental tricks are mistaken for intelligence, with examples from public life including Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Why intelligence can be a penalty in society at large.

the problem of moderation
Here, abelard considers the propensity to generalise situations, ideas, behaviours, choices.

language for manipulation, exaggeration and hypocrisy
Most human communication is rubbish.
Through observing the increasing numbers of psychological mistakes originating from popular mass media and other opinionators, abelard pinpoints how current language damages society's mental and social fabric.

co-operation and being nice - suckers, grudgers and cheats
Why being considerate while repaying emotional, as well as physical/monetary debts is a successful policy.

covid and nuclear explosions -
expanding and dying chains

Here, using the example of the covid-19 pandemic, abelard discusses how a disease (or an idea or a behaviour) spreads, or can be contained, or even become extinct.

the individual or the common good
Here, abelard examines how many people appear to behave in manners that are against their own best interests, as well as those of society.

productivity and production
This document looks at how a modern society needs to organise itself to be economically sustainable, while caring for the different sectors of that society.

Decision processes: Metalogic B
one in a series of documents showing how to reason clearly, and so to function more effectively in society.


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H. G. Wells and other Fabians
Looking at both a literary great and the origins of UK Socialist ambitions and policies. H. G. Wells believes that the collective is more important than the individual, so at least his mind is less conflicted. He was also more of a realists than his Socialist compatriots.

Fabian Socialists misunderstand Darwinism
Fabians, early Socialists, did not realise the practical consequences of giving a certain group financial incentives. We now live with those consequences - single mothers supported by the State.

on the Fabian Society
The not-so-new new world order - liberal fascism. The history and aims of the Fabian Society

H.G. Wells the futurist
H.G.Wells' predictions - nuclear weapons, war in the air, and paying women with small children so they are 'independent'.


supporting resources
and background documents

citizenship curriculum
Outline curriculum for citizenship with commentary. A document planned as the central switching junction to a sound curriculum for citizenship studies.

citizen's wage
On a citizen's wage or the common wealth dividend, with discussion on false ideas of ownership and on heritage or patrimony

Speech by Richard Nixon on guaranteed income - a citizen's wage
In 1969, American president Richard Nixon proposed a guaranteed income system. Fiercely opposed then by the 'Liberals' in opposition, such systems are now being built in the UK and Germany.

power, ownership and freedom
These three are closely linked, and all are frequently mis-handled. How much freedom can a society manage and how much freedom is reasonable or constructive? Social damage is caused by the unanalysed and rigid notions of ownership.

ends and means and the individual
Study of the glib phrase, “the end justifies the means”.

corporate corruption, politics and the law
how government and big business help each other to make fortunes and to ruin society and the environment.

oppression, poverty and life expectancy - t.a.s.
Oppression leads to poverty. Poverty leads to earlier death. Meanwhile socialist dictatorships also murder in bulk.

Frédéric Bastiat and free trade
Frédéric Bastiat was a 19th century political economist concerned with the right of an individual to life, liberty, and property, which could not be achieved by socialism..

authoritarianism and liberty
Introductory document to the logic of human organisations, clarifying definitions of various (sacred) names in the discussion of modern Western politic.

Islamic authoritarianism
Includes a short glossary of terms widely used by Islamic fundamentalist elements.

British establishment interference with civil liberties during the 20th century—the example of Diana and Oswald Mosley
With chronology and bibliography.

problems with Socialism:

the labour party did not start the nhs
abelard lays to rest the urban myth connecting Socialists (a.k.a. the Labour Party) with the National Health Service.
Also see a comparison between international health services.

Socialism and education -
theory and reality

How Socialists destroy education. Politics is about power, it is not about economics. Socialism tries to take all power away from the people, and towards the governing centre.
With reviews by Utopianist authors Heinlein, Wells, Morris

has socialism ever produced any good for the poor anywhere at any time?

infantilising the population and replacing the family, while impoverishing them

poor in london, 1909 - you never had it so good

sexual differences in childhood behaviour - socialist science: the result first, the study after

précis of the communist manifesto and extracts from Das Capital
Extracts from core socialist tracts by Marx and Engels.
papal encyclicals and Marx - some extracts: on socialism and liberalism
Extracts from papal encyclicals that are critical of its competing religion, socialism.







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