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sociology - the structure of analysing belief systems

productivity and production

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herds and the individual - sociology, the ephemeral nature of groups
counting beliefs - irrational associations
logicians, 'logic' and madness
intelligence and madness
language for manipulation, exaggeration and hypocrisy
irrational actions - analysis of behaviour
co-operation and being nice
the problem of moderation
covid and nuclear explosions -
expanding and dying chains

the individual or the common good
productivity and production
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Productivity and production looks at how a modern society needs to organise itself to be economically sustainable, while caring for the different sectors of that society.

Personality-wise, people can be divided into two major types :

Individualists, who think for themselves, and
collectivists, who are strongly motivated to be part of a group - to conform.

The individualists tend to do the organising in society.

Productivity and production are something Communism is completely at sea about.
The collective must secure its army and its food supply as a matter of survival.
Everything else is luxury.

Unfortunately, the mad religion of socialism seeks to collectivise everything, and to pretend that luxuries are rights.

You can achieve more productivity with more people working for more hours. On such a basis, you can justify slavery, child labour, and a 15-hour work day.

As Bertrand Russell said,

“...Cromwell’s dealings with Parliament are not unlike Lenin’s with the Constituent Assembly. Both starting from a combination of democracy and religious faith, were driven to sacrifice democracy to religion enforced by military dictatorship. Both tried to compel their countries to live to a higher level of morality and effort than the population found tolerable. Life in modern Russia, as in Puritan England, is in many ways contrary to instinct. And if the Bolsheviks ultimately fall, it will be for the reason for which the Puritans fell: because there comes a point at which men feel that amusement and ease are worth more than all other goods put together.”spacer on socialist religions briefing document [Russell, p.28]

People with bigger muscles and bigger brains, or even more guns, tend to squabble over power, gold, aeroplanes, and other objects of envy. Socialists work to exploit these routes of envy in order to enhance their individual share.

Even shallow capitalists may try this by encouraging 'epsilons' to desire pet rocks and Ferraris, or even linnet's tongues, foie gras and champagne.


Quotations from Russell, Bertrand, The practice and theory of bolshevism,
first published in 1920 by George Allen & Unwin. [6]

1995, Spokesman [Nottingham, UK], 0851245412 pbk / 0851245404 hbk

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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Independently published, 2020, pbk

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8678241450

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Brave new world by Aldous Huxley


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