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behaviour and intelligence

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behaviour and intelligence

strong behaviour difference in different gorilla species reported

“In the past few years Doran-Sheehy has documented neighboring groups of western lowland gorillas feeding alongside one another in swamps and other habitats. "Females from one group may move along and sit right by the silverback from another—the two groups are totally nonchalant, just hanging out," Bradley said. "You would rarely see this kind of behavior in mountain gorillas.”

“Studies have revealed that male mountain gorillas engage in displays of aggression over 90 percent of the time when neighboring groups come in close contact, said geneticist Brenda Bradley at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. These spectacular male-to-male displays often involve chest beating, charging, and hooting. One in five displays may culminate in physical violence, she said.”

“Western gorilla groups are small and are led by a lone reproductively active silverback. Other mature males appear to leave home to set up house nearby. In contrast, around 50 per cent of mountain gorilla males remain in the group of their birth, Bradley said.”

It is suggested this leads to different genetic payoffs and thence to different behaviour. Of course, the different behaviour also leads to different genetic pressures!





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