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abelard’s news service is designed to focus on more ephemeral issues than does the main site.

This area is updated as we find items of interest, and have the resources to pass on these ‘jewels’. Of course, ‘news’ does not happen at regular intervals – news items at are not driven by current affairs as first priority. Instead, we concentrate on the long-term, and items are chosen on the basis of general interest and purpose. If we find nothing interesting on any day, we do not add ‘boring’ items just to fill space.

The news service zone is accumulating an archive, some of which contribute to main site documents over time. The intention, as with the main site, is to provide basic rational, factual information.
This new zone at can be regarded as the more immediate and activist contributions to abelard’s concerns to develop a more rational and thoughtful society. does not necessarily endorse the sites behind exterior links. The links are offered for your additional research.

GoldenYak™ Awards are made to either a web page when it is referenced, or to a web-site when it is either referenced or recommended. There is further information on this growing award system here.

The most recent item is at the top of each section.
Headline dates in orange indicate news items added in the last week. Items are sometimes later upgraded with extra commentary, or linked to new items. When this happens, these items are repromoted in the date listings.

Note: External links were good at the time we posted this column, but they often go ‘bad’ after a while. We can make no guarantees.

mission statement of
to advance rational education....
this web-site is designed to provide the tools for the spread of sanity in education and culture.

archive dating
Items are date-listed in abelard’s news archives as follows:
Year: 2004 or -04;
Day: in Arabic numerals – 1,2,3 ... 31.

Thus, an archived item from 27 Novmber 2003 would be listed as XI-03: 27 .


why does have an RSS newsfeed?

RSS [Really Simple Syndication] is an internet-wide format for syndicating news. News material is collected together from member publishers and supplied to a number of newspapers, periodicals or other users simultaneously.Web-sites that support [include on their site] RSS feeds generally show one or more pictograms like these: RSS/XML news feed at abelard.orgRSS/XML news feed at
There are various versions of RSS available, including 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0 and Atom 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 (XML).

what happens?

When you are online and connected to the Internet, a RSS feed reader will collect news from news feeds to which you have subscribed [listed in your RSS reader] while you are doing other things online. The reader does this at intervals for which it it has been instructed [configured], and can announce the arrival of news with a little popup in the system tray (often at the bottom right of your screen). You can click the news headline to see a short description of the news, and then click to open the original news web page, either in an RSS feed browser or in an internet browser.

how can I use the RSS news feed?

Right-click on the RSS or the XML image above. Copy the shortcut or link location, and past it into your RSS reader, or into the address area of your net browser (you can also copy the following url: If you are online, hit Enter, and the lastest news headlines from will appear, together with a short description of the item and a link to the news item page at

For further information on RSS feed readers, and some technical information on the RSS system, look at rss feeds - reading the news, or anything! in the web pilot.


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