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digital cameras bypass official channels

“Because digital cameras have features like automatic focus, they have made it easy for anyone to take technically good photos.

“Combine that with Internet connections that have made it easy to send pictures in seconds, and images of the war that previously might not have been seen have found an enormous international audience.

“A civilian contractor in Kuwait, Tami Silicio, broke a Pentagon ban on unofficial photographs of soldiers' coffins when she shot two images with an inexpensive Nikon Coolpix camera and e-mailed them to a friend, hoping to show the dignity and care given U.S. war dead.

“The friend called The Seattle Times' photo editor, Barry Fitzsimmons, then forwarded the photos to him.

“The photos were published nationwide, raising questions about the photography ban.”

Another example of how technology, including the internet, is breaking the control of authority, and making responsible those who act on our behalf.

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