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headlines for january 2009

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Update 03.02.2009:
Power and connectivity just returned.
Yaks recovering from 11 days of dark and chill.
News and comment on the way.
Big storms on the steppes. 100 years worth of damage.
Electricity gone for at least a week. Full connectivity gone for maybe a month.
News service to return as soon as the yaks can get everything working again.
Teaching reading, reading tests and phonetics reading suggestions, compiled in 2009
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Teaching reading, reading tests and phonetics Book reading lists
ecology attitudes changing within the filthy fossil fuel industry
ecology sustainable food production comes
ecology cameron sets policy for smart grid while the clown tries to force through third runway
politics allah be praised!
politics uk another day, another dishonest gimmick from the clown
politics middle east hamas terrorism - gradually reality penetrates
politics middle east hamas, israel, what does disproportionate response mean?
politics uk the clown’s prison culture
politics naughty people playing with big matches
technology improving light bulbs
technology another step toward the transparent society
behaviour and intelligence enforcing un resolutions
behaviour and intelligence on religion and self-control - evolutionary advantages of self-control
behaviour and intelligence does stupidity have any lower bound? (no. 1)
behaviour and intelligence enough if you can just leave world a little better than you found it
fun all the fun of the fair - mad humans
fun giant cockroaches are taking over the world - robots wanted, no humans need apply
civil liberties political decision by echr backs spain’s scapegoat attack - xavier
book and other reviews on the damaging effects on the poor of ‘welfare’ programmes
oil prestige oil disaster - latest spanish government whitewash debunked - xavier
news-lite the more cigarettes are investigated, the worse they seem to be
Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France.
news-lite claim of less polluting manufacturing of cement
politics usa
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