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headlines for december 2008

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behaviour and intelligence matthew parris on the effects of christianity
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behaviour and intelligence out-going condi rice, her job and her boss - xavier
behaviour and intelligence soggy-minded idealism and reality
behaviour and intelligence emotion versus reason
behaviour and intelligence as the great writers say - everyone’s a critic
book and other reviews a common sense summary of what looks as if it may be a sane book
books and other reviews holiday reading as suggested by thomas sowell
ecology yet another filthy fossil fuel disaster - ‘clean’ coal strikes again
ecology even fox news are getting fed up with looking ridiculous!
ecology global warming at 63 light-years
ecology on arctic sea ice
ecology methane release in tundra
ecology iraq moves to desalinate millions of acres of ruined land
politics uk happy christmas from brown the clown - “i’ve just added £8000 to your credit card bill”
politics leading founders hated democracy??! by the auroran sunset
politics usa obama - the only man in history to be able to pick up manure from the clean end
politics is china in worse straights than the clown’s britain?
politics uk printing money and inflation - the government cover-up
politics uk a cool look at the clown’s undermining and the fragility of the uk economy
politics usa what is pay to play? how does it work? chicago politics
politics bush interferes with another sovereign socialist leader - mugabe’s exemplar paradise
politics uk the clown’s broken britain
politics pius 11th rages against the socialist ‘statolatry’ of mussolini
politics borrowing and housing supply, us and uk style
economics greenspan suggests banking will require 14% reserves against 10% prior to banking clag-up
economics congdon on debt deflation and bank capitalisation
alternative energies iea, darling of government ostriches - now admit they were wrong all along
science and technology greek technology rebuilt
science and technology will socialists now demand homo sapiens invaders leave europe?
fun all publicity is good publicity
fun global warming is over - again
civil liberties outlining a uk ‘constitution’
news-lite brain-‘fingerprinting’ proposed for israeli airport security
politics usa
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