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socialist servitude versus independence and responsibility

“I find what is happening incredible - during this last snow episode, Northamptonshire was brought to a standstill. Schools were closed for a week, roads left ungritted to the point that half the town centre shops (and post office) were closed. We had a council that only gritted the A14, and used salt instead of grit, the salt being pretty useless on ice. Few snowploughs out, in spite of that service being contracted out, and in the end, the county council reported that they had been threatened by central government that if they used any more grit/salt/whatever, supplies would be diverted. I don't know if that last part is true or not, but it's like being back at school.

“ Last week local businesses went on TV to request that this never happen again because they lost so much money - no gritters went near industrial estates and they were left trapped in solid ice for nearly two weeks. In Bulgaria right now, which is a very poor, disorganised and corrupt country, they are experiencing deep snow fall, and yet have managed to clear the even the village roads with ploughs. I don't know what is wrong with Nulab, or Britain, but it is something deep and IMHO, terminal.” [Quoted from MikeinCamden]

Consider the difference in France. There, there has been the worst devastation ever in 100 years, or more. Trees are down, probably by the million. Every road, both on the public highways and through the forest, was blocked by fallen trees.

Take a property with a hundred-metre drive, with a one-kilometre public road to the village.

After the storm, there were several large pine trees across and along the drive, trapping the occupants. There were dozens of trees down across the road to the village.

By 6pm, the whole lot was cleared, and the drive had even been crudely levelled. Further afield, every country road was also passable, if not very tidy.

It took eleven days for this property to have some electricity restored. Services and neighbours visited daily and more, to check that the occupants were OK. A generator was eventually offered, but being regarded as more of a nuisance than a help, it went to others.

After eleven days, a one-kilometre set of cables was laid across the fields and forest, reconnecting the property to the mains at the village. It then took more than four weeks to bring heavy equipment in, clearing the route of the aerial electricity line, ’til then still smothered by fallen pines. Everywhere, both on the roads and in the forest, there are convoys of machinery cleaning up. Some clearing will take months, and rehabilitating the forest could take decades in places, yet France is not what I would call highly efficient.

Two weeks to clear snow and ice from British factory estates indeed!

One problem is that so many are used to being supplicants of socialist governments, while another is so many living in towns haven’t the slightest idea of how to take care of themselves. Why didn’t the factory estate prepare? Why didn’t they clear their own area?

In my view, it’s for the same reason people avoid doing anything much useful in the UK. That is, the government will interfere. Where’s your licence? Where’s your health and safety cert.? Can we tax you?

Over-crowding is not good for people. It lowers initiative. It increases aggravation. The noise is too loud. This is my garden, how dare you get your ball back? Etc.

Most government power comes from the ability to say no, not from enabling independence. Socialism hates independence. It’s ‘untidy’. It limits government control.

Look at the Jade Goody show. A country of voyeurs, not a country of actualised, purposeful, active individuals. Just a country with no life, peeping through other people’s keyholes.

Socialism is a mind killer.It destroys everything it touches. Britain is among the most centralised pseudo-democracies in the world.

“Eco-friendly Mongolian-style yurt to be 'torn down as too far from shops”
“The owners of an eco-friendly Mongolian-style yurt, which lies hidden away in a remote valley, face being forced to take it down because it is too far from the shops and there is not enough parking.” [Quoted from]


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